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Convert more sales with Instant credit and customizable credit range for customers.

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WeGetFinancing Messaging is a great tool to offer instant credit from multiple lenders, helping you convert more sales and increase customer satisfaction.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 18, 2024

Increase Sales with Instant Credit and Financing Options for Customers

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Enhance customer purchasing power and understanding with the subtle genius of this financial solution-oriented application. Featured as a Purchase Power Estimator (PPE), it redefines online shopping by empowering customers with access to personalized credit range selections right on the product page. This enables consumers to gain valuable insight into their monthly payment options, indeed putting power back into the hands of the purchaser.

Designed with a unique focus on consumer understanding, this app excels in clarifying the payment landscape for your shoppers. Resultantly, rapport and trust between your marketplace and consumers is significantly bolstered, leading to an uplift in click-through rates, ticket size, and most importantly, conversion rates. It eliminates the uncertainty often associated with online purchasing, fostering a more confident and engaged customer base.

Plunge into the future of e-commerce where finance meets convenience and clarity. With an easy set-up process under the 'Merchants' portal, step into a world where customer purchasing power is enhanced and your business flourishes. Integrating finance and e-commerce has never been this seamless.


Communicate the right financing message at the product.
Support a broad range of cart sizes and verticals with WeGetFinancing.
Provide customers with a full-suite, full-credit spectrum of lenders.
Simplify the checkout process for enhanced user experience.
Seamlessly integrate finance and e-commerce to enhance customer purchasing power and drive increased revenue streams.


Enhance customer purchasing power and boost conversion rates by empowering shoppers with personalized credit range selections, leading to an uplift in click-through rates and ticket size.
Clarify the payment landscape for your customers, fostering a more confident and engaged customer base, ultimately increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment.
Seamlessly integrate finance and e-commerce to enhance customer purchasing power, leading to a flourishing business and increased revenue streams.

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Emerging Payments Technologies, Inc.
2 Industrial Way West Suite 201, Eatontown, NJ, 07724, US
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2 Industrial Way West Suite 201, Eatontown, NJ, 07724, US Map

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Owlfred Review

Who's ready to boost their conversion rates and empower customers with instant credit from a spectrum of lenders? You must check out the WeGetFinancing Messaging app by Emerging Payments Technologies, Inc. This is a must-have for merchants needing a backend app that helps simplify the checkout process and increase click-thru rates. It provides a Purchase Power Estimator (PPE), allowing customers to know their credit range and get accurate monthly payment info right on the product page. With this tool, confident customers can splash out a bit more knowing their ability to pay, boosting your ticket size (and profits, hoot hoot!). The best part? It's completely free! Though this app currently has only one review, it's a shining 5-star rating, promising a satisfying user experience. Although we can't track the installs for backend apps, but there's no doubt this handy helper could make a big impact for many Shopify merchants. Give it a whirl today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does offering financing affect ecommerce sales?
Offering financing options in an ecommerce store can increase sales by making products more affordable for customers. It reduces the upfront cost for the shopper, making higher-priced items more accessible, and enables them to make purchases they might otherwise delay or avoid.
What is the right way of providing financing options to customers?
The correct way to offer financing to customers would be to collaborate with a renowned financing company like WeGetFinancing. By integrating their service into your ecommerce platform, you can present customers with the option to finance their purchases during the checkout process.
Can businesses provide credit to their customers directly?
Providing credit directly can be complex as it involves risk assessment, credit management, and debt collection. It's typically more effective for businesses to partner with established financing companies that have the necessary infrastructure and expertise in place.
What exactly does customer financing mean?
Customer financing refers to a business providing its customers with the ability to pay for goods or services over time instead of at the point of sale. This usually involves a third-party lender who pays the merchant up front and then collects payments from the customer over a set term.

Shopify App Comparison: WeGetFinancing Messaging vs Razorpay Affordability Widget - which is better?

WeGetFinancing Messaging App and Razorpay Affordability Widget are both powerful tools that aim to enhance the purchasing experience for customers. While both apps provide transparent payment options and foster customer confidence, there are some key differences that set them apart.

WeGetFinancing Messaging App stands out with its unique feature of offering personalized credit range selections to customers. By providing valuable insight into monthly payment options, this app empowers shoppers and boosts conversion rates. Additionally, WeGetFinancing excels in clarifying the payment landscape, eliminating uncertainty and fostering a more engaged customer base. With seamless integration of finance and e-commerce, this app drives increased revenue streams and leads to a flourishing business. Overall, WeGetFinancing Messaging App is a recommended choice for businesses looking to enhance customer purchasing power and drive conversion rates.

On the other hand, Razorpay Affordability Widget focuses on providing transparent payment alternatives such as EMI and Pay Later schemes right on the product page. By showcasing flexibility in payment options, this app instills value in potential customers and builds trust in the reliability and convenience of your Shopify shop. With features like dynamic EMI plans and customization options, Razorpay Affordability Widget helps reduce drop-offs and boost average order value. To fully benefit from this tool, it is important to have the Secure Payment App active on your platform for smooth transactions. Therefore, if you are looking to increase conversion rates and build trust with customers through transparent payment options, Razorpay Affordability Widget is a great app to consider.

WeGetFinancing Messaging Shopify AppWeGetFinancing Messaging
Razorpay Affordability Widget Shopify AppRazorpay Affordability Widget
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