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June 13, 2024

Transform Your E-commerce with AI-powered Smart Shopping Assistant

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This feature-rich application introduces an AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot that reinvents the shopping experience for your customers in your Shopify store. With an advanced understanding of customer preferences, it instantly offers personalized product suggestions, acting like a virtual assistant that knows your inventory inside out.

Moreover, complete integration with your shop's inventory ensures that customers can locate their desired products quickly and effortlessly. The AI assistant facilitates a customer-centric, frictionless shopping experience, where every buyer feels appreciated and understood. The result is not just an enhancement of the shopping experience, but also a significant uptick in sales.

Wave goodbye to the old era of online selling and make way for the future with this AI-enabled chatbot. With this app, finding the perfect product becomes as easy as having a conversation. Your customers will certainly thank you for this seamless shopping experience, and your sales figures will reflect their gratitude.


Multilingual chatbot for seamless support in multiple languages
Easily update the bot's knowledge by manually adding information
Stay informed with the "Statistics" section in the Shopify dashboard
Chatbot shares direct product links for seamless shopping
Works with your shop's inventory for quick product location


Increase sales by providing personalized product suggestions instantly, thanks to the AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot
Enhance customer experience and drive loyalty with a customer-centric, frictionless shopping experience
Save time and improve efficiency by enabling customers to quickly locate desired products within your shop's inventory

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YKMB Software GmbH
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Owlfred Review

Hoo-hoo! Selli - AI Shop Assistant is your savvy cyberspace companion, ready to propel your e-commerce experience into the stratosphere. Crafted with love by YKMB Software GmbH, this perceptive App, known so far for its AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot capability, can thoroughly revolutionize your customer's e-shopping journey. With a knack for helping customers pinpoint the exact product they need, Selli paves the way for a breezy shopping experience by linking directly to your shop and providing product recommendations. It can even parrot a plethora of languages, making your shop accessible to customers from all corners of the globe. Owning this app is like having a diligent owl (like yours truly) in your store that keeps track of all your insights neatly in your Shopify dashboard statistics section. Selli has got more tricks up her feathers - sharing direct product links and an easy-update function for its knowledge base. Though Selli bears an average rating with a fairly nascent user base, remember, it's still the early dawn for this oxidative little helper. With free and paid plans, this promising assistant could indeed be a wise investment for your Shopify store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will AI transform e commerce?
AI is set to revolutionize e commerce by personalizing the shopping experience. It will leverage customer data to recommend products, predict trends, and offer customer support services.
How AI is transforming the shopping experience?
AI is enhancing the shopping experience by using data analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences. It can offer accurate product recommendations and streamline the shopping process.
How does AI help with online shopping?
AI improves online shopping by providing personalized experiences and recommendations. It can also automate customer service through AI bots, making the process more efficient.
How to increase e commerce sales by using artificial intelligence?
Increase e-commerce sales with AI by leveraging its ability to predict customer behavior and personalize product offerings. It can also be used to improve customer service, which can increase customer loyalty and sales.

Shopify App Comparison: Selli ‑ AI Shop Assistant vs Rep AI: ChatGPT Sales Chatbot - which is better?

When comparing Selli - AI Shop Assistant and Rep AI: ChatGPT Sales Chatbot, we can see that both apps offer AI-powered chatbots that enhance the customer shopping experience. However, Selli stands out with its advanced understanding of customer preferences, providing personalized product suggestions instantly. This feature ensures that customers easily find their desired products within your shop's inventory, improving efficiency and driving sales. Additionally, Selli offers multilingual support, catering to a wider customer base.

On the other hand, Rep AI focuses on transforming online shoppers into consistent buyers through a mix of Behavioral and Generative AI. It tailors product recommendations in real-time based on consumer preferences, aiming to increase conversion rates. Rep AI also offers seamless integration with popular Shopify apps, facilitating a comprehensive and integrated online retail experience. The visually appealing interface and smart interactions further enhance the customer experience, guiding shoppers towards making a purchase.

Overall, while both apps offer valuable features, we recommend Selli - AI Shop Assistant for its advanced understanding of customer preferences and multilingual support, providing a truly personalized and streamlined shopping experience.

Selli ‑ AI Shop Assistant Shopify AppSelli ‑ AI Shop Assistant
Rep AI: ChatGPT Sales Chatbot Shopify AppRep AI: ChatGPT Sales Chatbot
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 43
Estimated Installs 5 663
Min Price $0.00 $99.00
Max Price $59.90 $500.00
Works With Gorgias, Klaviyo, Postscript, Tapcart, Zendesk, Attentive
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