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Boost customer engagement and loyalty with Alaiko's stand-alone Tracking software for Shopify, providing a new marketing channel to re-engage and retain customers.

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Track by Alaiko is a fantastic app that helps you create a 360° post-purchase experience to retain customers when they are most receptive.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Take your post-purchase communication to new heights with Track by Alaiko.

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Building on the experience from our holistic fulfilment offering, Alaiko has expanded it's product portfolio with a stand-alone Tracking software to support e-commerce brands in bringing their Post Purchase communication to the next level 🚀 By launching their own shipping communication (via Klaviyo mail) and tracking page (in shopify), shops will create a whole new marketing channel to re-capture customer touchpoints that were previously lost to carriers and turn them into repeat customers!

Experience an efficient and customizable tracking solution for your e-commerce brand that reliably manages Post-Purchase communication operations. This software operates as a stand-alone Tracking tool, designed to re-establish and capitalize on customer connection points often lost to carriers, heightening the potential for repeat business.

Enjoy total control of your shipping communication, directly managed via Klaviyo mail. This tool empowers every online shop to design and govern their own tracking page within their Shopify store. By creating a personalized, in-house marketing channel, not only enhance customer satisfaction, but also gives a unique opportunity to facilitate enhanced customer retention.

This app offers an excellent way to level up the shopper's journey post-purchase, creating a better, customer-centric brand experience. By centralizing tracking notifications, it paves the way for superior communication consistency and timeliness—essential aspects that significantly influence repeat customer rates.

Take your e-commerce brand to new heights of customer engagement and productivity with this powerful tracking software - essential for businesses aiming to foster impeccable communication and customer satisfaction.


Automated shipping communication in real-time
Integrated tracking page to boost conversions
Klaviyo integration for efficient maintenance
Customization to enhance brand experience
Shipment controlling to track order progress.


Track by Alaiko enables you to boost customer retention by creating a personalized tracking page on your Shopify store, enhancing the potential for repeat business
By centralizing tracking notifications, the app ensures superior communication consistency and timeliness, leading to increased repeat customer rates
With Klaviyo integration, you can provide proactive shipping updates in real time, fostering impeccable communication and customer satisfaction.

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Owlfred Review Recap

Whoo to the hoo! Let's swoop into a tree-top view of Track by Alaiko. As an enlightened owl, trust me when I say, this app is a stand-alone track & trace software beast! Offering new touch points to engage, support, and build trust with your customers, it adeptly combines an automated shipping communication feature, post-purchase experience updating, integrated tracking page for your shop, Klaviyo integration for fast onboarding and efficient maintenance – all 100% customizable. Talk about a hoot! Despite having zero tracked installs, it's flying high with an average 5-star rating from three reviews, underpinning its stellar performance so far. With a monthly pricing model starting from $99, it might be regarded as a bit on the pricier side, but remember, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs! Ideal for keeping your customers in the loop about their orders, ensuring your brand experience is top-notch and enhancing customer retention, Track by Alaiko is definitely worth a perch in your store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Track by Alaiko help with customer order tracking?
Track by Alaiko offers an efficient and customizable tracking solution for e-commerce brands. It allows you to directly manage your shipping communication via Klaviyo mail, as well as personalize your own tracking page within your Shopify store.
What benefits does the Track by Alaiko app offer?
This app enables you to re-establish and capitalize on customer connection points, fostering enhanced customer satisfaction and retention. It also offers better communication consistency and timeliness, which can significantly increase repeat customer rates.
Can I personalize my store's tracking page with Track by Alaiko?
Yes with the Track by Alaiko app you can design and govern your own tracking page within your Shopify store. This creates a unique, in-house marketing channel that can heighten customer satisfaction.
What does the Track by Alaiko app aim to improve?
Track by Alaiko aims to improve post-purchase user engagement and customer satisfaction. It does this by centralizing tracking notifications, which leads to superior communication consistency, better brand experience, and strongly encourages repeat business.

Shopify App Comparison: Track by Alaiko vs Track & Trace - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities and features of Track by Alaiko and Track & Trace, it is clear that both apps excel in providing efficient and customizable tracking solutions for e-commerce brands. Track by Alaiko stands out with its integration with Klaviyo, offering real-time shipping updates and enhancing communication and customer satisfaction. This app also allows businesses to design their own tracking page within their Shopify store, providing a personalized and brand-enhancing experience. With centralized tracking notifications, Track by Alaiko ensures consistency and timeliness in communication, leading to increased repeat customer rates. Overall, this app is ideal for businesses aiming to foster impeccable communication and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, Track & Trace focuses on streamlining the tracking process for international and domestic parcels. It offers an intuitive shipment solution that eliminates the need for manual tracking, providing instant and easily-accessible updates on the dashboard. With automated parcel tracking and precise shipment monitoring, this app saves valuable time and enhances operational efficiency. Track & Trace also emphasizes comprehensive parcel management and allows businesses to focus on store management and growth. With its dropshipping readiness, this app is perfect for optimizing parcel management processes and building robust online stores.

Overall, both Track by Alaiko and Track & Trace offer valuable capabilities and features for tracking and managing shipments. However, depending on the specific needs and priorities of your business, you can choose between Track by Alaiko for a customer-centric and communication-focused approach or Track & Trace for streamlined tracking processes and operational efficiency.

Track by Alaiko Shopify AppTrack by Alaiko
Track & Trace Shopify AppTrack & Trace
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