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Keep track of orders and prevent delays with custom rule-driven notifications.

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Alertix Order Notifications is a must-have for Shopify store owners wanting to streamline order management and improve customer satisfaction with custom rule-driven notifications.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Never Miss a Beat with Custom Order Notifications

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Alertix Order Notifications significantly condenses the time and effort invested in managing order alerts for all Shopify merchants. Regardless of your eCommerce model, be it dropshipping, engaging with third-party providers, or managing in-house delivery, this app ensures your order fulfilment process is smoother than ever before.

It expertly identifies orders requiring additional attention, so not a single transaction goes unnoticed. This powerhouse of a tool does away with manual processes by offering automated reminders, effectively making inventory tracking a breeze. Furthermore, it promotes seamless communication between suppliers or customers, empowering you to proactively address potential roadblocks.

No more wrestling with unruly orders, frustrating support requests, or unhappy customers. With its ability to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, this app is quintessential for Shopify merchants aiming to keep their operations running like a well-oiled machine. Experience a new ease in managing orders with Alertix Order Notifications.


Set up customized notifications based on product attributes to any email address
Automate email reminders for unfulfilled orders and address customer concerns early
Receive alerts post-order when product stock levels are above or below a set threshold
Send custom emails to third-party fulfillment services for seamless order handling
Improve efficiency by automating order notifications and proactively addressing stock issues


Automate order notifications to save time and boost efficiency
Proactively address stock issues to reduce out-of-stock situations
Enhance customer satisfaction with timely communication

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Saso Apps
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Owlfred Review

Alertix Order Notifications, created by the brilliant minds at Saso Apps, touts itself as the perfect solution for Shopify store owners aiming to streamline their order process and reduce support requests. This savvy little app swoops in proactively to catch orders that need extra attention, ensuring no precious sale goes unnoticed. Whether you're a nimble dropshipper, working with a flock of 3rd party suppliers, or managing fulfillment from your cozy nest, Alertix Order Notifications has your back. It sticker-highlights its custom rule-driven abilities, like automating email reminders for unfulfilled orders (squawk, no more late deliveries!), alerting you when product stock levels fly above or below set thresholds (who-who knew inventory management could be this easy?), and the capacity to send custom emails to 3rd party fulfilment for silky smooth order handling - all to help you glide through potential issues. While it's a bit of a fledgling with just one 5-star review so far, that's enough to tell us that Alertix Order Notifications is fully fledged and ready to serve any Shopify store owner that gives it a fair try. With pricing plans starting from $5.99/mo after a 7-day free trial, it's definitely worth a flutter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Alertix Order Notifications app enhance the order management process for Shopify merchants?
Alertix Order Notifications allows Shopify merchants to automatically monitor and manage their order alerts. It identifies transactions requiring attention and promotes efficient communication between suppliers and customers to preemptively address potential issues. This reduces manual tracking and enhances the overall efficiency of the operation.
Does the Alertix Order Notifications app enable automated reminders for stock alerts?
Yes the Alertix Order Notifications app automatically sends reminders about stock and order alerts to Shopify merchants. This automation removes the need for manual monitoring and makes inventory tracking a simpler task.
How does the Alertix Order Notifications app contribute to improved customer satisfaction?
The Alertix Order Notifications app increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that no order goes unnoticed. It helps Shopify merchants to proactively manage potential issues, prevent mishaps in order fulfillment, and thereby enhance the overall shopping experience for the customers.
Can the Alertix Order Notifications app help with communication between suppliers and customers?
Yes Alertix Order Notifications app assists with the seamless communication between suppliers and customers. This streamlined communication allows for efficient order management, in turn, helping to prevent any possible transaction-related roadblocks.

Shopify App Comparison: Alertix Order Notifications vs MB Low Stock Alert - which is better?

Alertix Order Notifications and MB Low Stock Alert are two powerful apps that excel in automating order and inventory management for Shopify merchants. While both apps offer valuable features and benefits, there are some key differences that set them apart.

Alertix Order Notifications stands out for its ability to identify orders requiring additional attention and automate reminders for unfulfilled orders. It also promotes seamless communication between suppliers or customers, ensuring potential roadblocks are addressed proactively. This app enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction, making it a must-have for Shopify merchants looking to streamline their order fulfillment process.

On the other hand, MB Low Stock Alert specializes in keeping a meticulous eye on inventory levels and automating low stock alerts. With this app, merchants can receive notifications according to a configured schedule, ensuring they never miss a sales opportunity. Additionally, it allows tracking of low stock inventory for specific locations and customization of alerts for different products, making inventory management more targeted and efficient.

Both Alertix Order Notifications and MB Low Stock Alert offer unique capabilities and benefits. Depending on your specific needs and priorities, we recommend either one or both of these apps to optimize your Shopify store's order and inventory management.

Alertix Order Notifications Shopify AppAlertix Order Notifications
MB Low Stock Alert Shopify AppMB Low Stock Alert
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