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Ask Questions: Get answers to your product queries by asking questions directly on the product page.

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If you want to engage with customers and get quick answers about your products, the Ask Questions app is a great tool to have on your Shopify store!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Get Instant Answers to Your Product Questions

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Our app offers a unique feature that allows you to ask questions directly on the product page. With this feature, you can get answers to any questions you have about the product. Whether you want to know more about the size, material, or any other specific detail, simply type in your question and receive a response from our team or other users who have purchased the product before. You can also showcase questions on the front end in case someone else also has a similar query.

Incorporate a new level of interaction on your e-commerce store with this valuable tool. This app is designed to build a bridge of communication between you and your potential buyers, facilitating direct inquiries on product pages. It empowers users to submit questions and receive answers about product size, fabric, or any other details, fostering more informed purchase decisions.

This tool not only provides a platform for customers to get their inquiries answered but also creates an engaging community where previous buyers share their product experiences. This feature hence acts as a real-time FAQ platform, where prospective customers might find existing answers to similar queries, ultimately saving shoppers' time and creating a more convenient user experience.

Adding this feature to your storefront enhances transparency and potentially boosts customer trust, thereby potentially steering your shop towards success. This app is all about effective and efficient communication, contributing to a better customer journey, from browsing to buying.


Allow customers to ask questions directly on product pages, facilitating communication and engagement
Send automatic emails to customers when their queries are answered, improving customer satisfaction
Display questions on product pages as needed, enhancing user experience
Create a real-time FAQ platform for customers to find existing answers, saving time and improving the shopping process
Showcase community interactions to build transparency and trust, potentially increasing conversion rates


Increase customer engagement and interaction by allowing users to ask questions directly on product pages, fostering communication and building trust with potential buyers
Save time by serving as a real-time FAQ platform where customers can find existing answers to similar queries, reducing the need for repetitive responses and enhancing the overall shopping experience
Enhance transparency and customer trust by showcasing community interactions, potentially increasing conversion rates and leading to a more successful online store

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Owlfred Review Recap

As the wise owlfred, I find "Ask Questions" by Buddy Apps to be an innovative and practical Shopify add-on. With a healthy average rating of 4.7 from 12 reviews, this app enhances user engagement by infusing a Q&A session directly into the product pages. I appreciate how this feature empowers customers with more product knowledge, offering them the freedom to inquire about size, material or any other specifics that tickle their curiosity. Responses flow straight from the vendor or experienced customers, creating an enriching, community-like ambiance. To add on, the questions can be showcased upfront for knowledge sharing purposes. So if you are a merchant who believes that knowledge empowers consumers and encourages conversions, I recommend considering this neat app. Plus, it comes with a one-time charge of $39.99, which in my owl-eyes, seems like fair investment for an enriched and inclusive shopping experience! Just remember, no question is a silly question with "Ask Questions". Owls know best, after all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ask Questions app improve customer interaction?
The Ask Questions app allows for enhanced customer interaction by enabling potential buyers to make direct inquiries on product pages about details such as size or fabric. It also fosters a community of previous buyers who can share their product experiences.
How does using the Ask Questions app benefit my Shopify store?
The app can enhance transparency and possibly increase customer trust, which is beneficial for your Shopify store's success. It aids in effective and efficient communication and improves the customer journey from browsing to the buying stage.
Can the Ask Questions app double as a FAQ platform?
Indeed, as potential customers may find already existing answers to their queries on the app's platform, it works as a real-time FAQ platform. This feature saves time and offers a more convenient user experience for shoppers.
What type of queries can be addressed using the Ask Questions app?
It empowers users to submit questions about any details of a product, notably about its size or fabric, and receive answers. This potentially fosters more informed purchase decisions.

Shopify App Comparison: Ask Questions vs SC Product Options fka Bold - which is better?

The Ask Questions app is a valuable tool for e-commerce store owners looking to improve communication and engagement with their customers. With the ability to ask questions directly on product pages, customers can easily get their inquiries answered, allowing for more informed purchase decisions. The app also creates a real-time FAQ platform, where customers can find existing answers to similar queries, saving them time and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Additionally, the app showcases community interactions, building transparency and trust with potential buyers. By adding this app to your storefront, you can increase customer engagement and interaction, save time by serving as a real-time FAQ platform, and enhance transparency and trust, potentially leading to a more successful online store.

The SC Product Options app, formerly known as Bold Product Options, offers a comprehensive solution for product personalization. It allows customers to customize every facet of their product choices, from color selection to text boxes and file upload fields. By incorporating unlimited product options fields with advanced conditional logic, this app provides endless possibilities for personalization. It also enables upselling of custom products, boosting revenue and increasing average order value. With support for color swatches and variant images, customers can visualize their customizations, enhancing their shopping experience. By using this app, you can increase customer engagement and loyalty, boost revenue and average order value, and stand out from competitors with unique customization options.

Ask Questions Shopify AppAsk Questions
SC Product Options fka Bold Shopify AppSC Product Options fka Bold
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 12 2502
Estimated Installs 0 8133
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $49.99
Works With Pagefly, Spently, Order Printer, Reorder Master, EComposer
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