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Increase Sales and Support with Proactive Live Chat

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Autochat helps online stores sell more by proactively engaging and supporting customers throughout their purchase journey. This is achieved via several modern features that Autochat offers like - Proactive Messaging - Use Contextual Rules based on various data points like user history, campaign, session activity, etc. to automatically trigger real time messages. Live Shopper Insights - See all live shopping sessions on your online store with business insights like cart, order history, etc.

Elevate your online store's customer engagement and support with Autochat. This versatile tool keenly targets customer interactions at key points on their purchasing path to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. The app's Proactive Messaging feature, armed with in-depth Contextual Rules, employs user history, campaign data, and session activity to trigger personalized real-time communication and prompts.

Most importantly, Autochat empowers you with Live Shopper Insights. This allows you to access real-time information about your customer's online shopping session, including their cart and order histories. By providing this eagle's eye view of live shopping sessions, this app ensures improved communication, more effective customer support, and ultimately, stronger sales. With Autochat, engage each customer as an individual and elevate their purchasing journey while boosting your sales.


Contextual & Automated Messaging features for engaging customers effectively
Real-time insights into customers' online shopping sessions, including cart and order histories, to improve support and increase sales
Live timeline of customer activity during chats for better contextual awareness


Increase customer engagement and conversions with personalized real-time communication and prompts triggered by user history and session activity
Access real-time insights into customers' online shopping sessions, including cart and order histories, to improve communication, support, and increase sales
Engage each customer as an individual and elevate their purchasing journey while boosting sales by providing a live timeline of customer activity during chats

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, Shopify merchants! Feast your eyes on Autochat - Proactive Live Chat. Despite the backend nature of this app, it's doing a lot of heavy lifting to help online stores engage and support their customers. Its suite of modern features offers a plethora of services, like proactive messaging that triggers real-time responses based on your user's activity. Need to understand what's happening in your store in real-time? The Live Shopper Insights feature provides critical insights into live shopping sessions, cart and order history. The automated messaging feature is a standout, helping you interact with your customers efficiently without missing a beat. And who wouldn't love the additional support to make your customer service even better? With access to customer info during chats, you'll be providing support that feels remarkably personalized. Overall, with mostly positive reviews and a compelling feature set, Autochat - Proactive Live Chat is definitely an app to consider for online stores seeking to enhance customer engagement and support. No need to worry about the cost as it's free to install, with potential additional charges. As you start using the app, you'll gain even more context and understanding of your shopper's journey. All in all, a wise choice for the customer-centric Shopify merchant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Autochat improve customer experience?
Autochat improves customer experience by offering immediate interaction. Its proactive approach addresses customer inquiries swiftly and effectively which produces satisfaction and loyalty.
Can Autochat boost sales?
Yes Autochat fosters communication between customers and merchants which helps in understanding customer requirements better. In turn, it can lead to tailored product offerings and higher sales.
What's the advantage of using proactive chat like Autochat?
Proactive chat like Autochat helps businesses anticipate customer needs and tackle issues before they escalate. By initiating automated personalized messages, it encourages customers to engage, thereby refining the user experience.
What impact can Autochat have on my conversion rates?
Autochat increases chances of customer conversion by offering real-time support. Customers who get their queries resolved promptly are more likely to make a purchase, hence, augmenting the conversion rates.

Shopify App Comparison: Autochat ‑ Proactive Live Chat vs Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat - which is better?

When comparing Autochat - Proactive Live Chat and Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat, it's clear that both apps provide valuable tools for increasing customer engagement and boosting sales. However, Autochat stands out with its emphasis on personalized communication and real-time insights.

Autochat's Contextual & Automated Messaging features allow you to engage customers effectively by triggering personalized real-time communication and prompts based on user history and session activity. This level of customization ensures that each customer feels individually attended to and their purchasing journey is elevated. Additionally, Autochat's Live Shopper Insights provide real-time information about your customer's online shopping sessions, including cart and order histories. This enables you to improve communication and support, ultimately leading to increased sales.

On the other hand, Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat focuses on leveraging the power of WhatsApp as a marketing tool and customer service platform. It offers robust marketing solutions such as recovering abandoned carts and launching revenue-incrementing messaging campaigns. Additionally, the integration of an integrated WhatsApp chat widget allows for instant customer engagement and improved customer service. It's a user-friendly app that seamlessly links into the Shopify ecosystem.

Overall, while both apps offer valuable features and benefits, we recommend Autochat for its focus on personalization and real-time insights. With Autochat, you can engage each customer as an individual and access real-time information about their online shopping sessions, leading to improved communication, support, and ultimately, increased sales.

Autochat ‑ Proactive Live Chat Shopify AppAutochat ‑ Proactive Live Chat
Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat Shopify AppDondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat
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