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Get the best price with Better Price app's request form for discounts.

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Mega Better Price is a must-have app for ensuring your customers always get the best price for your products, creating a positive on-demand experience for both customers and your business.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

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Step up your pricing game and make shopping a personalized experience for your customers with this astute app. This sophisticated tool integrates a discrete link into your product pages, encouraging customers to actively engage with the pricing of your offerings.

Think of it as an open line of communication, where customers are prompted to submit a form for a better price request. This feature shines the spotlight on direct customer interaction, allowing shoppers to feel valued by voicing their pricing expectations, and potentially nudging negotiations in your favor.

Not only does this tool dramatically provide an exclusive bargaining opportunity, it also allows you to stay ahead with competitive pricing analysis. Every price request becomes an insightful input notifying you via email, placing real-time customer feedback right at your fingertips and allowing you to match or even beat your competitors' prices.

Overall, this tool adds a customer empowering dimension to your Shopify store and creates a positive ripple effect, enhancing the shopping experience, increasing conversions, and breeding loyalty. Embrace the potential of customer interaction and competitive pricing with this smart app.


Enable customers to submit better price requests directly from your product pages, fostering personalized interaction and negotiations
Receive real-time customer feedback via email, helping you analyze and stay competitive by matching or beating competitors' prices
Enhance customer engagement and loyalty with a tool that empowers them to voice their pricing expectations, ultimately improving their shopping experience
Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging price requests for competitive pricing analysis, ensuring you are always offering the best deals
Boost conversions and sales by providing a unique and interactive pricing experience that elevates your store's performance


Increase customer engagement and loyalty by allowing them to submit better price requests, making them feel valued and enhancing their shopping experience
Stay ahead of the competition by receiving real-time customer feedback through price requests, enabling you to analyze and match or beat competitors' prices
Boost conversions and sales by creating a personalized and interactive pricing experience, ultimately improving your store's overall performance

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Shopify Flow, Flow


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Owlfred Review

Wise guesses and owl insights about the app, Mega Better Price! This is undoubtedly an innovative idea when we talk about user experience and price adaptability. It's creating a win-win; customers feel valued when they can negotiate prices, and businesses learn directly about their competition. While it might be hidden backstage (0 installs), it sure knows how to steal the show! The crisp and clean UI promises a seamless experience, integrating speedily with Shopify Flow. Customers can conveniently propose a better price via a chic pop-up link or button, enhancing customer engagement and communication. With a small monthly investment starting from $9.99, you're getting a feature-packed bargain tool! At a solid 5-star rating, it is surely making merchants and their customers happy. Keep in mind, that every 'Better Price' email notification could be your ping towards improved customer relationships and insightful competitor analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Mega Better Price app do?
Mega Better Price is an app that provides a way for Shopify merchants to offer custom pricing and quotes to their customers. It caters to various shopper categories ranging from wholesale, to VIP, to regional, and more.
How can Mega Better Price app benefit my Shopify store?
The Mega Better Price app allows Shopify store owners to personalize their pricing strategy, making pricing offers adjustable based on specific conditions or shopper categories. This can improve customer engagement and increase sales.
What is custom pricing, and how does it work on Shopify?
Custom pricing allows Shopify merchants to offer special prices to specific customer groups, such as wholesale buyers or loyal customers. The Mega Better Price app enables this feature, allowing customization by shopper type, location, and other criteria.
Is the Mega Better Price app similar to a price match app?
While both involve pricing, they serve different functions. Price match apps typically allow customers to compare prices across different stores, while the Mega Better Price app lets Shopify merchants offer custom prices based on various conditions like customer type or location.

Shopify App Comparison: Mega Better Price vs Zotabox Contact Form Builder - which is better?

We have two impressive apps to compare here. On one hand, we have the Mega Better Price app, which focuses on creating a personalized shopping experience for customers by enabling them to submit better price requests directly from the product pages. This tool not only fosters personalized interaction and negotiations, but also provides real-time customer feedback via email, helping businesses analyze and stay competitive by matching or even beating competitors' prices. The Mega Better Price app aims to increase customer engagement and loyalty by allowing them to voice their pricing expectations, ultimately improving their shopping experience and boosting conversions and sales. Overall, this app empowers businesses to stay ahead of the competition and create a positive ripple effect in their Shopify store.

On the other hand, we have the Zotabox Contact Form Builder app, which focuses on streamlining user engagement by offering a seamless solution for creating and embedding multiple contact forms into websites. This app allows businesses to create visually appealing contact forms with custom background images, predefined departments, radio buttons, and dropdown fields, enhancing customer engagement and improving the overall user experience. Moreover, the app offers the ability to attach files, simplifying communication, and an auto-response system that instantly acknowledges every user submission, enhancing the business's social presence. The Zotabox Contact Form Builder app is the perfect tool for businesses looking to infuse sophistication into their user engagement strategy.

Both apps bring valuable capabilities to the table, but if we were to recommend one, we would lean towards the Mega Better Price app. This app takes customer interaction and competitiveness to a whole new level, allowing businesses to not only empower their customers but also stay ahead of their competitors. By providing real-time customer feedback and fostering negotiations, the Mega Better Price app helps businesses analyze and match or even beat their competitors' prices. This app is a must-have for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and conversions.

Mega Better Price Shopify AppMega Better Price
Zotabox Contact Form Builder Shopify AppZotabox Contact Form Builder
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 846
Estimated Installs 30 72
Min Price $9.99 $12.99
Max Price $29.99 $79.98
Works With Shopify Flow, Flow
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