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Supercharge your blogging with an SEO-optimized solution that boosts rankings and sales.

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BlogHandy is the perfect tool to supercharge your blogging game with stunning templates, SEO optimization, and seamless product embedding to skyrocket your rankings and sales!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Boost Blogging Success: SEO-Optimized App for Higher Rankings & Sales

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Harness the influence of SEO-powered blogging with this accomplished app, designed specifically for Shopify merchants. A unique feature is the built-in SEO Analyzer, which assists users in real-time to craft blog posts that are SEO-optimized, likely to achieve higher rankings, and facilitate improved conversion rates. This app focuses on creating a seamless integration between your products and content, allowing you to embed Shopify products directly into blog posts, thereby driving sales directly from your content.

The flexibility it affords is significant - choose from 9 aesthetically appealing, responsive templates that effortlessly adjusts to your store's design, ensuring brand consistency. For maintaining control without compromising security, you can grant custom user permissions; effectively manage the roles of your content team without risking store access. This app effectively reshapes your blogging experience, enabling you to turn your words into a powerful tool for driving sales and boosting search rankings.


Choose from 9 stunning, ready-to-use templates that auto-adjust to your store
Built-in SEO Analyzer assists with search engine optimization for improved traffic
Effortlessly add products to blog posts to boost sales
Mobile-optimized blog design for better user experience
Contact support for free customization of your blog


Craft SEO-optimized blog posts in real-time to improve search rankings and increase conversion rates
Seamlessly embed Shopify products into blog posts to drive sales directly from your content
Maintain control with custom user permissions, ensuring security while managing content team roles efficiently

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Owlfred Review

Take your blogging to new heights with BlogHandy - SEO Optimized Blog. This nifty shopify app promises to supercharge your content strategy, offering stunning, lightning-fast, SEO-boosted blogs aimed at skyrocketing your rankings and sales. Its key features include a range of 9 auto-adjusting templates, a built-in SEO analyzer to optimize your posts, and the ability to effortlessly embed your Shopify products right into your blog posts, making a seamless bridge between informative content and conversion opportunity. Not to forget, it's mobile-optimized, so your audience can enjoy your content on-the-go. While the app is new and holds only one review (yet to earn stars) at the moment, BlogHandy is offering an attractive free plan and a 14-day trial that makes it worth considering. Remember, the space might seem quiet now, but even a humble hoot needs an echo to make the forest alive!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize my blog content for SEO?
To optimize your blog content for SEO, focus on using relevant keywords, writing high quality content and optimizing meta data. Also, make sure your blog has a good user experience, including being mobile-friendly and having quick load times.
How can I improve my blog post ranking?
Improving blog post ranking involves boosting on-page SEO through strategic keyword placement, improving site speed, acquiring quality backlinks, using internal linking strategies and offering valuable, unique content that keeps users engaged.
How do I get top SEO rankings?
Gaining top SEO rankings involves creating high quality content, using relevant keywords, improving on-page SEO and site speed, acquiring quality backlinks and tracking your performance with metrics and analytics.
How do I increase my SEO keyword ranking?
Increasing SEO keyword ranking involves identifying and using high volume, low competition keywords, incorporating them throughout your content strategically without keyword stuffing, optimizing meta tags and descriptions, and creating valuable backlinks.

Shopify App Comparison: BlogHandy ‑ SEO Optimized Blog vs Pro Blogger - which is better?

We have reviewed both BlogHandy and Pro Blogger apps and have found that both apps offer unique capabilities and features. BlogHandy provides a built-in SEO Analyzer, which helps users craft SEO-optimized blog posts in real-time to improve search rankings and increase conversion rates. In addition, it allows users to seamlessly embed Shopify products into blog posts, driving sales directly from the content. Furthermore, it offers 9 aesthetically appealing templates that auto-adjust to your store design, ensuring brand consistency. The app also allows for custom user permissions, providing control over content team roles while maintaining security.

On the other hand, Pro Blogger focuses on enhancing the relevance and navigability of a Shopify storefront. It offers a Related Products slider for blog posts, Related Posts slider for blog posts, Related Blog posts slider for products, and Image Captions and Pinterest Pins for blog post images. This app aims to align product listings with blog content, providing additional context for shoppers and improving visibility. It emphasizes the user experience by addressing small visitor needs, such as printing specific blog content without capturing the entire web page. The integration of product marketing and content strategy is seamless with this app, allowing for a meaningful and reliant experience for visitors.

Considering the capabilities and features of both apps, we would recommend BlogHandy for those looking to focus on SEO optimization and driving sales directly from blog content. Its built-in SEO Analyzer and seamless embedding of Shopify products make it an excellent choice for improving search rankings and increasing conversion rates. Alternatively, Pro Blogger is a great option for those wanting to enhance the relevance and navigability of their storefront, aligning product listings with blog content and providing additional context for shoppers. Its user-friendly functionality and attention to detail create an improved visitor experience. Ultimately, the choice between these apps depends on the specific goals and priorities of the user.

BlogHandy ‑ SEO Optimized Blog Shopify AppBlogHandy ‑ SEO Optimized Blog
Pro Blogger Shopify AppPro Blogger
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 64
Estimated Installs 0 212
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Max Price $59.00 $5.99
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