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April 9, 2024

Improve Efficiency and Boost Revenues with Customizable SMS and Calls

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With Branded SMS Pakistan, you can send SMS notifications to buyers when an order is placed, sent, or canceled. Add order tracking URLs and monetize your target audience in our portal to improve revenues through cross-selling. Automated robocalls can be used to reduce order returns by automatically confirming the amount of orders. You can now convert visitors into buyers by delivering personalized SMS to individuals who have abandoned their cart. Discover many more useful features in our app.

Unlock the potential of SMS marketing and reduce order returns with the power of personalization and automation. This app enables real-time SMS notifications for buyers about the status of their orders, from placement to shipment to cancellation. Providing order tracking URLs directly in these SMS communications takes user convenience to the next level and offers opportunities for cross-selling, thereby driving revenue growth.

Another unique benefit is the integration of automated robocalls for order confirmation. By automatically verifying order amounts, this functionality dramatically reduces return rates, giving peace of mind to both the merchant and their customers.

Additionally, those pesky abandoned carts don't have to result in lost sales anymore. The app allows the conversion of toe-dippers into confirmed buyers through the delivery of personalized, strategic SMS messages. Cater to individuals who've shown product interest by sending them a first-person, personalized reminder to complete their purchase. And if this wasn't enough, the app also comes packed with several other useful features to enhance your online store's performance.


Send real-time SMS notifications to buyers about order status, from placement to shipment, with order tracking URLs for enhanced convenience.
Automate order verification with robocalls to reduce return rates and provide peace of mind for both merchants and customers.
Convert abandoned carts into sales by sending personalized SMS messages to encourage purchases from interested customers.
Engage customers with instant promotional SMS messages to increase revenue and drive sales.
Utilize an automated voice calling system for order confirmations to streamline communication with clients.


Increase revenue by engaging with customers through real-time SMS notifications with order tracking URLs
Reduce return rates by automating order verification with robocalls
Convert abandoned carts into sales by sending personalized SMS messages to encourage purchase

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H3 Technologies
Z-1-M, Burhani Avenue, Shahra e Faisal, Karachi, 00000, PK
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Shopify merchants, let's flap our wings and dive into Branded SMS Pakistan – an innovative app by H3 Technologies aiming to optimize your customer communication and efficiency. While it may be a new fledgling in the Shopify arena, don't be fooled by its zero installs count. This powerful tool is designed mainly for backend operations, making its impact unseen yet highly effective. The app boasts a seamless integration with your Shopify store, allowing for automated SMS notifications whenever an order is placed, shipped, or cancelled. Reducing cart abandonment? Say no more! It's got you covered there too with promotional messages for those hesitant shoppers. It even has an automatic voice calling system for order confirmations. With a stellar, unanimous 5-star rating from its initial users, and a pleasing price range from a welcoming $0 (free plan available) to a reasonable $15, the wind is certainly blowing in the right direction for this app. So, whether your store is soaring high or still gearing to take flight, Branded SMS Pakistan could be the tailwind you need. Give it a try today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an SMS campaign boost sales?
SMS campaigns can boost sales by creating a direct line of communication with customers. This allows businesses to send personalized messages, promotions, and updates which can encourage further purchases.
How can I boost my SMS?
To boost your SMS, make sure your content is clear, concise and provides value to the customer. In addition, using personalization, maintaining a consistent message tone and timing your SMS properly will also enhance your SMS.
What is a benefit of adding SMS marketing to your business strategy?
Adding SMS marketing to your business strategy allows you to reach your customers directly. It's fast, efficient and has a high open rate compared to email marketing. Plus, it can drive engagement and boost customer loyalty.
How can I improve my SMS deliverability?
To improve SMS deliverability, ensure your messages comply with all regulations, keep your customer database up-to-date, and streamline your content to be clear and concise. Testing and analyzing the performance of your SMS can also help optimize deliverability.

Shopify App Comparison: Branded SMS Pakistan vs Viral Throb - which is better?

Upon reviewing both apps, we can see that they offer similar capabilities and features in terms of automating SMS notifications for order status updates. However, there are some key differences that make each app unique. The Branded SMS Pakistan app stands out with its integration of automated robocalls for order verification, reducing return rates and providing peace of mind for both merchants and customers. This feature sets it apart from other apps in the market and could be a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their order management process. Furthermore, the ability to convert abandoned carts into sales by sending personalized reminders is another valuable feature offered by this app.

On the other hand, the Viral Throb app focuses on streamlining customer communication through automated SMS notifications. It offers a customizable SMS template feature, allowing merchants to immerse their clients in their brand's unique touch. This can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in repeat purchases and overall satisfaction. Additionally, the app is specifically designed for merchants operating in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, with integrated network support for these regions. This specialization could be beneficial for businesses looking for a solution tailored to their specific market.

In conclusion, both apps offer valuable capabilities and features for automating SMS notifications. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that includes automated robocalls for order verification, the Branded SMS Pakistan app would be a strong recommendation. However, if you prioritize customization and specialization for the UAE and Pakistan markets, the Viral Throb app would be the better choice. Ultimately, the decision between the two apps depends on your specific business needs and preferences.

Branded SMS Pakistan Shopify AppBranded SMS Pakistan
Viral Throb Shopify AppViral Throb
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 11 2
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $9.00
Max Price $15.00 $9.00
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