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April 18, 2024

Effortlessly Hide Sold Variants with Camouflage

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That one thing, no merchant wants is to irritate their customers just because some product options/variants are sold out but still visible on product pages by default. And the customer gets to know if the variant is sold out or not only after they click on the product variant they would like to purchase. Frustrating, right? It would have been better if the sold-out variants could be seen at a glance or could be hidden. Camouflage handles this for you!!

Experience a streamlined shopping journey for your customers with a powerful app that intelligently conceals sold-out items. Recognize the importance of fully meeting customer expectations and spare them from the disappointment of finding out their desired product variant is sold out after they've already pressed 'Add to Cart'.

The key feature of this app revolves around handling product variants with unmatched efficiency. It eliminates confusion and frustration by automatically disabling or entirely concealing product variants that are not available. This feature enables a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience, reducing cart abandonment rates and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Equipped with this intuitive feature, your online store will become more user-friendly, providing seamless navigation through your product pages. By focusing on available products, you can concentrate on driving sales for in-stock items rather than distracting customers with unobtainable options. This well-crafted tool offers the smart solution for handling sold-out product variants, leading to better customer experiences and improved sales efficiency.

Integrating an AI-driven approach, this powerful tool facilitates a hassle-free user journey, managing stock visibility with precision and accuracy. A must-have for Shopify merchants seeking to elevate their customers' shopping experience, ensuring availability information is transparent, improving the purchasing process, and building customer trust.


Hide, disable, strike-through sold-out variants or apply your own style to them
Hide any specific variants regardless of inventory level without deleting them
Hide variants based on inventory level and various conditions for a smoother shopping experience
Hide variants when inventory quantity is less than a specified number or any condition you like
Works seamlessly with customized themes and popular apps for efficient stock management.


Experience a streamlined shopping journey for your customers by intelligently concealing sold-out items, reducing cart abandonment rates, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction
Provide a user-friendly online store with seamless navigation through product pages, allowing you to focus on driving sales for in-stock items and improving sales efficiency
Use an AI-driven approach to manage stock visibility with precision, ensuring availability information is transparent, the purchasing process is improved, and customer trust is built

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Owlfred Review

"Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants" is the unseen hero among Shopify apps for efficiently managing your product variants. Boasting an impeccable rating of 5 stars from just under 200 reviews, this app truly stands out for its unique capabilities. Frustration due to sold out variants appearing on product pages is a common merchant's pet peeve. Cue Camouflage, swooping in to save the day โ€“ it discretely hides unavailable variants, preventing customer disappointment and confusion. Incredible features such as the ability to strike-through or apply custom styles to sold-out variants, hide variants based on inventory level, and compatibility with custom themes, make Camouflage a real feather in your cap for enhancing your Shopify store. Best of all, it operates seamlessly with popular apps like PageFly. Offering a 14-day free trial and an attractively priced plan, this app is sure to make your e-commerce journey smoother. So, say goodbye to the hassle of variant visibility and let Camouflage work its magic! Owlfred definitely recommends this one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants app do?
The Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants app is designed to automatically hide sold out product variants on your Shopify store. It's a useful tool for maintaining a clean and organized product display.
How can Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants improve my Shopify store's user experience?
By using Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants, you can avoid the frustration customers may feel when they find a product they like, only to discover it's sold out. It keeps product pages clear and focused on available items making it easier for customers to shop.
How does Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants work?
The app automatically monitors your Shopify store inventory levels. When a product variant is sold out, the app makes that variant inactive, effectively hiding it from your customers' view.
Can I customize which product variants are hidden with Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants?
Yes Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants allows you to pick and choose which sold out variants you'd like to hide. This way, you can maintain control over your online store's appearance and product availability information.

Shopify App Comparison: Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants vs SC Product Options fka Bold - which is better?

The Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants app is an essential tool for Shopify merchants looking to improve their customers' shopping experience by intelligently concealing sold-out items. This app offers a streamlined shopping journey by automatically disabling or concealing product variants that are not available. By focusing on available products, merchants can drive sales for in-stock items and reduce cart abandonment rates. The AI-driven approach ensures stock visibility is managed with precision and accuracy, leading to improved sales efficiency and customer satisfaction. We highly recommend this app for merchants who want to provide a user-friendly online store and build customer trust through transparent availability information.

In contrast, the SC Product Options app takes product personalization to a new level. It allows customers to personalize every facet of their product choices with unlimited options and variant images. This app goes beyond color swatches and offers text boxes and file upload fields for a truly unique customer journey. By incorporating advanced conditional logic, merchants can create unlimited product options fields and upsell custom products, boosting revenue and increasing average order value. If you want to enhance customer engagement and loyalty, stand out from competitors, and create a unique brand portrayal, we recommend the SC Product Options app.

Camouflage: Hide Sold Variants Shopify AppCamouflage: Hide Sold Variants
SC Product Options fka Bold Shopify AppSC Product Options fka Bold
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 212 2502
Estimated Installs 0 8133
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $15.00 $49.99
Works With pagefly Pagefly, Spently, Order Printer, Reorder Master, EComposer
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