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Automatically send post-purchase surveys to improve customer experience and loyalty.

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Delighted makes it simple to automatically send surveys to customers after an order is fulfilled, helping you improve customer experience and loyalty effortlessly!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Improve customer experience with automated post-purchase surveys

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Maintain a pulse on your customer's post-purchase sentiment with this exceptional survey tool. Through the utilization of automated sent surveys following an order fulfillment, you're able to monitor customer loyalty and utilize feedback for continuous service improvement. The simplicity and effectiveness of this tool offer a robust approach to customer retention.

The tool’s intelligent reporting facilitates an easy understanding of key customer concerns and feedback on products, enabling a swift and informed response. It concentrates not only on identifying issues but also on plunging into their root causes, making it robust for problem resolution and improving the overall customer experience.

Beyond its primary functionalities, this tool incorporates versatility by offering over 40 integrations. This implies you can easily incorporate customer feedback into your eCommerce tools, such as automated marketing software and workflow automation tools, for an even more informed business decision-making process. Experience a seamless and ultra-efficient way of capturing customer sentiments with this robust app.


Connect Delighted to your Shopify store and set the survey delay
Access pre-built survey templates for NPS, CSAT, and 5-star ratings
Customize survey design with your logo and brand
Track real-time responses in the dashboard to monitor trends
Create unique customer segments and connect to other tools for actionable insights.


Monitor customer sentiment post-purchase to improve customer loyalty and service
Identify key customer concerns and product feedback for swift response and enhanced customer experience
Easily integrate feedback into other eCommerce tools for informed decision-making.

About the Vendor

Delighted, LLC
2443 Ash Street. Suite J, Palo Alto, CA, 94306, US
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2443 Ash Street. Suite J, Palo Alto, CA, 94306, US Map

Works with

Slack, Klaviyo, Zendesk, Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot


Free plan available. Free trial available. Free Starter: 50 responses / month, 1 user, 1 Templates Project, Unlimited Surveys, 35 Free integrations (Shopify, Klaviyo, Slack, Zendesk, Gorgias); Premium: $249 / month, 500 responses / month, 10 users, Unlimited Templates, Unlimited Surveys, Premium Integrations (Salesforce, Segment, Hubspot, Gladly), 7-day free trial; Premium Plus: $499 / month, 1,000 responses / month, 20 users, Unlimited Templates, Unlimited Surveys, Premium Integrations (Salesforce, Segment, Hubspot, Gladly), 7-day free trial
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Owlfred Review

What's not to hoot about when it comes to Delighted Post-Purchase Survey? This owl-some Shopify app soars high with its commitment to improve your Customer Experience (CX). By automatically sending NPS, CSAT, and 5-star post-purchase surveys, it helps you take the pulse of your customer happiness and address potential pain points swiftly and smartly. But that's not all! Delighted offers 40+ integrations, meaning effortlessly implementing customer feedback into eCommerce tools like Klaviyo is now a breeze! It also allows for logo and brand customization, making your surveys not just insightful, but kind to the eyes as well. This app showcases a strong sense of understanding key customer and product elements, which any savvy Shopify merchant must appreciate! With a 5/5 average rating, this untracked backend tool gives every indication that merchants are, indeed, delighted. Not to forget, a free plan is available for those wanting to test the waters. Keep an eye (or should I say, owl’s eye) out for Delighted for a up-notch eCommerce game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a post-purchase survey?
A post-purchase survey is a method used by businesses to gather feedback from customers after they've made a purchase. These surveys aim to understand the customer's experience and satisfaction levels.
How can post-purchase surveys improve my eCommerce business?
Post-purchase surveys provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Responses can be used to enhance the shopping experience and increase customer loyalty.
Why use Delighted Post-Purchase Survey app for my Shopify store?
The Delighted Post-Purchase Survey app provides an easy way to solicit feedback from your customers after purchase. The integration with Shopify makes it seamless for merchants to implement and manage.
How can I increase post-purchase engagement with the Delighted Post-Purchase Survey app?
One approach is to personalize your post-purchase survey's questions depending on the product purchased and customer behavior. A well curated post-purchase survey with the help of Delighted Post-Purchase Survey helps in gathering constructive feedback leading to better customer engagement.

Shopify App Comparison: Delighted Post‑Delivery Survey vs AS: Post Purchase Survey - which is better?

When comparing the Delighted Post-Purchase Survey App and the AS: Post Purchase Survey App, we found that both apps offer comprehensive post-purchase survey tools with a range of features to help businesses gain valuable customer insights. However, there are some key differences that set them apart.

The Delighted app stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. With over 40 integrations, it allows for easy incorporation of customer feedback into other eCommerce tools, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions. The app's intelligent reporting feature provides a clear understanding of key customer concerns and feedback, making it easier to identify and resolve issues. Additionally, the app's customizable survey design and real-time response tracking further enhance the customer experience. Overall, the Delighted app offers a seamless and efficient way to capture customer sentiment and improve customer loyalty.

On the other hand, the AS: Post Purchase Survey App offers a more advanced and feature-rich experience. Its pre-built question library and cohort-based targeting feature provide deeper customer insights, while the conditional logic branching boosts response rates. The app's advanced analytics capabilities, including channel-wise revenue reports, give businesses unparalleled control over the insights collected. With the AS: Post Purchase Survey App, businesses can uncover the true potential of every customer interaction and make more informed and strategic decisions.

In conclusion, both the Delighted Post-Purchase Survey App and the AS: Post Purchase Survey App have their strengths. For businesses looking for a simple and versatile tool that seamlessly integrates with other eCommerce tools, the Delighted app is highly recommended. However, for those who require more advanced analytics capabilities and a greater level of customization, the AS: Post Purchase Survey App offers a comprehensive solution.

Delighted Post‑Delivery Survey Shopify AppDelighted Post‑Delivery Survey
AS: Post Purchase Survey Shopify AppAS: Post Purchase Survey
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 7 15
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $449.00 $25.00
Works With Slack, Klaviyo, Zendesk, Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot Shopify
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