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Currency Converter app for seamless international sales with geo-location-based conversion.

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KILATECH Currency Converter is a reliable and experienced app that offers geo-location based currency conversion, making it a great choice for reaching international markets on your Shopify store.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 13, 2024

Boost Your International Sales with Geo-Location-Based Currency Conversion!

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Simplify your global transactions with a robust currency conversion tool adeptly designed for diverse Shopify storefronts. Prominently recognized for its longevity and persistent optimization, this app makes currency conversion a breeze and increases shopper confidence.

With compatibility across various Shopify markets, it seamlessly accommodates the needs of an international customer base. For Shopify payment gateway users, switching between currencies even on the checkout page is made possible, thereby promoting a smoother, error-free transaction experience.

Express your brand's uniqueness with the app's customizable currency-switching asset. Universally appealing, it efficiently caters to all users regardless of their currency. Upon request, an integrated dropdown for currency selection can be fitted into your site's menu, further enhancing the user experience.

In an era where e-commerce is connecting global markets, this app proves quintessential for businesses eyeing international growth, removing currency complexities, and fostering an inviting shopping environment.


Compatible with Shopify markets, including multi-currency checkout
Geo-location-based currency conversion for a personalized shopping experience
Smart currency dropdown with selected currencies and local currency for easy switching
Free support to integrate currency selection dropdown into the menu
No theme code changes, fast loading, and self-explanatory design for a seamless user experience


Increase user trust and minimize cart abandonment by offering a seamless multi-currency checkout experience
Enhance user experience and brand loyalty by providing a customizable currency-switching asset
Expand your global reach and boost international sales by simplifying currency complexities

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Owlfred Review

With its feathered hat firmly tipped to the interconnectedness of the modern e-commerce world, KILATECH Currency Converter is truly a globe-trotter's delight. This savvy app, armed with geo-location-based currency conversion, expands your Shopify store's reach to international markets by allowing seamless transition between currencies. Not only that, but with its compatibility with Shopify markets and multi-currency checkout, it can truly be called a passport to global business. Its slew of other noteworthy features, like the smart currency dropdown integrated into the menu (made available upon special request), a customizable currency-switching component, and seamless design with no theme code changes, bring a practical simplicity to the complex world of e-commerce transactions. The fact that it's been around for years and continues to retain a solid average rating of 4.9 from over 200 reviews testifies to its continued relevance and reliability. Coupled with its attractive free-to-low-cost pricing structure, this currency converter app from KILATECH is an app that global-market Shopify vendors should really give a hoot about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a currency converter app?
A currency converter app, like KILATECH Currency Converter, is a tool that converts the price of products into different currencies based on the customer's location or chosen currency. This helps international customers understand how much they will be charged in their own currency
How do I add multiple currencies to my Shopify store?
Adding multiple currencies to your Shopify store can be done with a currency converter app like KILATECH Currency Converter. Once installed, the app automatically converts prices according to the customer's region or selected currency
What is use of language and translation in Shopify?
Language and translation in Shopify is used to translate the content of a Shopify store into different languages, making it accessible to a global audience. It allows multinational customers to browse and shop in their preferred language
How does geo-location work on Shopify?
Geo-location on Shopify helps determine the location of your site visitors. It is often used in conjunction with currency apps, like KILATECH Currency Converter, to provide localized shopping experiences by showing prices in the visitor's local currency.

Shopify App Comparison: KILATECH Currency Converter vs MLV Auto Currency Switcher - which is better?

When comparing KILATECH Currency Converter to MLV Auto Currency Switcher, we found that both apps offer valuable currency conversion capabilities for international businesses. However, KILATECH Currency Converter stands out with its compatibility across various Shopify markets, making it a versatile option for businesses with an international customer base. This app not only simplifies currency complexities but also allows Shopify payment gateway users to seamlessly switch between currencies, even on the checkout page, enhancing the overall transaction experience. In addition, the customizable currency-switching asset of KILATECH Currency Converter enables businesses to express their brand's uniqueness and cater to users regardless of their currency.

On the other hand, MLV Auto Currency Switcher offers a unique feature through its elegant national flag designs, which aid customers in identifying their currency effortlessly. This app also provides professional user experience experts for seamless integration into custom themes, ensuring a customized shopping experience that fosters increased conversion rates. However, MLV Auto Currency Switcher lacks the compatibility across various Shopify markets seen in KILATECH Currency Converter.

Based on these comparisons, we recommend KILATECH Currency Converter for businesses looking to expand their global reach and simplify currency complexities. Its wide compatibility and customizable features make it an essential tool for fostering an inviting shopping environment and boosting international sales.

KILATECH Currency Converter Shopify AppKILATECH Currency Converter
MLV Auto Currency Switcher Shopify AppMLV Auto Currency Switcher
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 250 5640
Estimated Installs 637 12638
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $4.99 $9.94
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