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Use custom links for automatic discount codes, banners, and timers to boost conversion rates.

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Discountopus is a great tool for customizing your shop's discounts, banners, and timers for a personalized shopping experience.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 17, 2024

Increase Conversion Rates with Customized Discounts & Timers

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Drive optimal conversions with targeted discounts that don't compromise brand perception. The answer lies in this app that delivers discounts in an exclusive and personalized manner. Used to perfection, this tool becomes a master key, selectively unlocking price reductions for specific customers, without broadcasting a brand-wide sale. This way, generate increased revenue from campaigns without the risk of being perceived as a consistently discount-driven store.

More than just discount deliveries, this app further customizes the shopping journey by granting the ability to add unique banners and countdown timers on the store for the discounted audience. This not only enhances marketing efforts but also instills a sense of urgency, nudging customers towards a swift and favorable shopping decision.

The automatic application of coupon codes is another noteworthy feature that injects convenience into the shopping experience. The app eliminates the need for customers to remember and manually enter codes, reducing friction and further catalyzing conversions.

Experience true power in understanding shopper tendencies, delivering targeted value, and striking a perfect balance between enticing discounts and maintaining brand integrity.


Automatically apply discount codes when the visitor uses a specific link
Display banners and timers for the discount applied through the link
Use a query parameter in your shop URL for the discount link without redirections
Increase revenue from campaigns without compromising brand perception
Customize the shopping journey with unique banners and countdown timers for the discounted audience, fostering a sense of urgency


Increase revenue from campaigns without compromising brand perception
Enhance marketing efforts by customizing the shopping journey with unique banners and countdown timers for discounted audience, fostering a sense of urgency
Streamline the shopping experience by automatically applying discount codes, reducing friction and catalyzing conversions

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Owlfred Review

Discountopus - Discount Links, by Moship, is a brilliantly crafty app perfect for those Shopify merchants who don't want to explicitly plaster their site with discount banners. This clever app is all about subtlety and careful control of your brand image; it lets you selectively display discounts and modify how your shop is seen to specific audiences. Want to apply discount codes automatically when a visitor uses a specific link? Tick! Fancy showing engaging, eye-catching banners and clever countdown timers for discounts applied through a unique link? Tick! Best of all, it's a simple, no-fuss operation, as those special links use a query parameter in your shop URL, with zero redirections. With an average 5-star rating and a wallet-friendly price of $4.90 per month, this app does seem quite the catch for promotions! It's still fairly new to the game, so don't let the low installation count deter you. Remember, fellow owls, it's not always about following the flock!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does personalization increase conversion rate?
Personalization can significantly increase conversion rates. By presenting customers with relevant and personalized content, such as personalized discount links, they are more likely to engage and make a purchase.
How can conversion rate be increased?
Conversion rates can be improved through several strategies including optimizing your marketing efforts for mobile devices, personalizing content and offers, and by creating a smooth, fast, and easy-to-navigate shopping experience.
What are three actions that can improve your conversion rate?
Three effective actions for improving conversion rate include: 1. Personalizing the customer experience, such as offering personalized discount links. 2. Simplifying the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment. 3. Testing and optimizing website elements for better performance.
What is the discount conversion rate?
Discount conversion rate refers to the percentage of shoppers who make a purchase after receiving a discount or special offer. The higher the discount conversion rate, the more effective the discount or offer is at driving sales.

Shopify App Comparison: Discountopus ‑ Discount Links vs Magic Deals ‑ Countdown Promo - which is better?

When comparing Discountopus and Magic Deals, it's clear that both apps offer powerful features and benefits for boosting sales and enhancing the customer experience. Discountopus stands out with its personalized and exclusive discount deliveries, allowing for targeted value and increased revenue without compromising brand perception. The app also offers the convenience of automatically applying discount codes, reducing friction in the shopping experience and catalyzing conversions. Additionally, Discountopus allows for customization of the shopping journey with unique banners and countdown timers, fostering a sense of urgency and enhancing marketing efforts. We highly recommend Discountopus for businesses seeking to optimize conversions and strike a balance between enticing discounts and brand integrity.

On the other hand, Magic Deals excels in creating high-performance landing pages with time-sensitive offers and gifts with purchase, boosting customer loyalty and increasing sales. The app strategically targets the right audience through specific acquisition channels, converting casual browsers into dedicated customers and driving tangible sales growth. With its suite of predefined, conversion-focused layouts, Magic Deals effectively showcases unique deals and incentivizes quick purchase decisions. The app also bypasses common pitfalls of unattractive countdown timers, ensuring visually appealing and conversion-focused designs. Whether you're a seasoned ecommerce veteran or just starting out, Magic Deals provides the necessary tools for successful online deals management. We strongly recommend this app for businesses looking to craft enticing deals that delight customers and drive sales.

Discountopus ‑ Discount Links Shopify AppDiscountopus ‑ Discount Links
Magic Deals ‑ Countdown Promo Shopify AppMagic Deals ‑ Countdown Promo
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 5
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Min Price $4.90 $29.99
Max Price $4.90 $29.99
Works With Klaviyo, rebuy
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