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Offer custom pricing and discounts based on user roles, customer types, and purchase quantities.

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With Addify's Dynamic Pricing app, merchants can easily set up custom prices based on specific customer roles and tags, making it perfect for offering special discounts to VIP customers or managing a hybrid B2B and B2C store.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Unlock Exclusive Pricing for VIP Customers & Bulk Orders

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Unlock the potential to personalize pricing strategies with Addify - Dynamic Pricing, specifically designed to cater to varying customer types. By establishing different price points for distinct user roles, merchants can add a new layer of customization and flexibility to their eCommerce setup.

This app plays an instrumental role for businesses operating a hybrid of B2B and B2C store, by establishing multiple price brackets. It enables the creation of special tiers for VIP customers, wholesalers, retailers, and general customers, each fashioned with its unique pricing scale. This not only nurtures customer loyalty but also enhances overall client satisfaction.

Additionally, availability to structure prices pertaining to the quantity enables incentivizing bulk purchases. Beyond just a pricing app, this tool serves as an innovative strategy to foster repeat business and stimulate larger order values. Embrace this opportunity, curate an optimized pricing structure, and watch your customer retention rates soar.


Set personalized product prices for different customer segments based on individual customers and customer-tags
Provide discounts in fixed or percentage amounts to incentivize purchases
Implement tiered pricing to offer bulk discounts and encourage larger order values
Easily set prices in bulk by importing CSV files or creating custom pricing rules
Hide prices and add to cart for non-logged-in or registered customers based on their tags


Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by creating special price tiers for VIP customers, wholesalers, retailers, and general customers
Encourage larger order values and repeat business by incentivizing bulk purchases through structured pricing based on quantity
Optimize pricing structure to improve customer retention rates and stimulate business growth.

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Owlfred Review

Give a warm feathered welcome to Addify - Dynamic Pricing, your one-stop-shop for crafting custom price rules and so much more. With an emphasis on creating a tailored shopping experience, this app is perfect for hybrids of B2B and B2C stores, allowing you to treat your customers like the VIPs they are. Merchants who use Addify can segment pricing and offer discounts based on user roles, tags, and even customize pricing for bulk purchases. Looking to import your pricing rules swiftly? Not to worry, Addify lets you set prices in bulk using a handy CSV file. More so, the ability to hide prices and 'add to cart' options for non-logged-in customers lets you maintain an air of exclusivity for your registered shoppers. Although its reviews and installs are currently modest, its features are splendidly robust. Whether you're a loyal wholesaler or a first-time general customer, Addify - Dynamic Pricing is ready to tailor an experience just for you. Don't let the owl fool you, starting from $6.99/month, Addify could be a wise move for your store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Addify - Dynamic Pricing app do?
Addify - Dynamic Pricing is designed to help merchants customize their pricing strategies. It allows you to set different price points for various user roles, making it ideal for businesses operating both B2B and B2C stores. This way, you can create specific tiers for VIP customers, wholesalers, retailers, and general customers.
Can Addify - Dynamic Pricing improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?
Yes by offering unique pricing scales for different customer categories such as VIPs, wholesalers, and retailers, merchants can enhance customer satisfaction and nurture loyalty. The flexibility it provides not only builds good customer relationships but also helps in retaining customers.
How does the Addify - Dynamic Pricing app support quantity based pricing?
The Addify - Dynamic Pricing app enables the structuring of prices based on the quantity purchased. This feature is particularly useful to incentivize bulk purchases, fostering repeat sales and encouraging larger order values in the process.
What is the key purpose of using the Addify - Dynamic Pricing app?
The main purpose of using the Addify - Dynamic Pricing app is to establish a more personalized and flexible pricing strategy. It can support different business models, help drive customer retention, foster repeat business, and stimulate larger order values by incentivizing bulk purchases.

Shopify App Comparison: Addify ‑ Dynamic Pricing vs Discountopus ‑ Discount Links - which is better?

When comparing Addify - Dynamic Pricing and Discountopus - Discount Links, it's clear that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits for businesses. Addify stands out with its ability to personalize pricing strategies based on customer types, establishing different price points for distinct user roles. This not only fosters customer loyalty but also enhances overall client satisfaction. Furthermore, Addify enables businesses to structure prices based on quantity, incentivizing bulk purchases and stimulating larger order values. With these features, businesses can optimize their pricing structure and improve customer retention rates. We highly recommend Addify for businesses looking to create a customized and flexible eCommerce setup.

On the other hand, Discountopus focuses on delivering targeted discounts without compromising brand perception. This app allows businesses to selectively unlock price reductions for specific customers, without broadcasting a brand-wide sale. By customizing the shopping journey with unique banners and countdown timers, Discountopus enhances marketing efforts and instills a sense of urgency in customers, leading to favorable shopping decisions. Additionally, the automatic application of coupon codes reduces friction and catalyzes conversions, streamlining the shopping experience. For businesses aiming to increase revenue from campaigns while maintaining brand integrity, Discountopus is a valuable tool to consider. We highly recommend this app for businesses looking to achieve optimal conversions through personalized and exclusive discounting.

Addify ‑ Dynamic Pricing Shopify AppAddify ‑ Dynamic Pricing
Discountopus ‑ Discount Links Shopify AppDiscountopus ‑ Discount Links
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