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Integrate QR codes on Saudi Arabian invoices with ZSA Saudi Arabia E-Invoicing app.

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If you're selling in Saudi Arabia and need to comply with E-invoicing regulations, ZSA Saudi Arabia E-invoicing App is a helpful tool to integrate QR codes on your invoices seamlessly.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Add QR Codes to Your Saudi Arabia Invoices

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Breaking into the Saudi Arabian online marketplace comes with its own set of unique demands, one of these being the concept of E-Invoicing, or FATOORAH. This app simplifies the process by seamlessly integrating QR codes into your invoices. This step is obligatory from December 4th, 2021, according to the laws of the land.

A quick guide to getting started is furnishing your seller name and VAT registration number. A QR image HTML code is generated and can be conveniently copied and pasted onto your invoice templates. The QR code isn't just an image; it is a container for crucial invoice details which include the seller's name, VAT registration number of the seller, and the timestamp of the invoice.

By implementing this tailored app, Shopify merchants can confidently navigate Saudi Arabia's E-Invoicing regulations without fear of compliance issues or errors. The app's straightforward interface and easy instructions take the guesswork out of integrating QR codes into your invoices, ultimately streamlining your e-commerce operations within Saudi Arabian marketplaces. This is not just invoicing, it creates a robust paper trail for tax purposes and eases the transaction recording process for both parties involved.


Generate QR codes seamlessly into your invoices, ensuring compliance with Saudi Arabia's E-Invoicing regulations
Streamline e-commerce operations by simplifying the process of integrating QR codes into invoices, saving time and reducing the risk of errors
Create a robust paper trail for tax purposes and ease the transaction recording process for both parties involved
Easily furnish your seller name and VAT registration number to get started
Automatically include crucial invoice details in the QR code such as seller's name, VAT registration number, and invoice timestamp


Seamlessly tackle the unique requirements of the Saudi Arabian online marketplace, eliminating the risk of compliance issues which could hinder your expansion
Streamline transactions by simplifying the mandatory E-Invoicing, saving you from errors and reducing the administrative time dedicated to invoice generation
Foster trust within the Saudi Arabian marketplace and with customers through transparent transaction recording facilitated by QR codes which carry crucial invoice details.

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Owlfred Review

The ZSA Saudi Arabia E-invoicing app truly swoops in to meet a necessary business need in today's digitally-focused world. With a specific focus on businesses operating in Saudi Arabia, this app offers retailers an efficient, user-friendly and effective solution for implementing E-invoicing (FATOORAH). This integration of QR codes into invoices aligns with the latest industry standards. Merchants can breathe easy knowing their VAT registration number and other essential details will be accurately displayed on invoices, streamlining billing processes considerably. With a generous average rating of 4.3, it's clear that users find value in this app’s offerings. Despite being a backend app with untraceable installs, feedback suggests this tool is a hit. Add to this its friendly pricing plan, with free options available, and it's perfect for businesses at any scale. I give this app two wings up - it's bound to assist you in flying high on your e-commerce journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of QR codes on invoices in Saudi Arabia?
QR codes on invoices in Saudi Arabia are intended to streamline and digitize transactions. They are also part of Saudi Arabia's transition towards e-invoicing in accordance with the mandate of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
What happens if I don't include a QR code on an e-invoice in Saudi Arabia?
Failure to include a QR code on an e-invoice in Saudi Arabia could result in non-compliance with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority's e-invoicing mandate. This may lead to penalties or fines
How can I generate a QR code for my e-invoices in Saudi Arabia?
Generating a QR code for e-invoices in Saudi Arabia can typically be accomplished through specific software or applications like ZSA Saudi Arabia E-invoicing. These tools produce a unique QR code for each invoice based on the invoice details
How does ZSA's Saudi Arabia E-invoicing app assist with the QR code requirement?
ZSA's Saudi Arabia E-invoicing app is designed to easily produce and incorporate QR codes onto e-invoices helping businesses comply with regulatory requirements. It simplifies invoice creation making it easier for businesses to follow the e-invoicing rules.

Shopify App Comparison: ZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing vs WebPlanex: GST Invoice India - which is better?

The ZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing App is an essential tool for Shopify merchants operating in the Saudi Arabian marketplace. It seamlessly integrates QR codes into invoices, ensuring compliance with the country's E-Invoicing regulations. By easily generating QR codes that contain crucial invoice details, such as seller's name and VAT registration number, this app creates a robust paper trail for tax purposes and simplifies the transaction recording process. With its straightforward interface and easy-to-follow instructions, this app streamlines e-commerce operations and reduces the risk of errors. We highly recommend this app for Shopify merchants in Saudi Arabia looking to navigate E-Invoicing regulations with ease and efficiency.

On the other hand, the WebPlanex: GST Invoice India App is specifically designed for Indian merchants looking to streamline their invoicing process. This app generates GST-ready invoices, eliminating the need for third-party software and saving valuable time. It offers automated customer emails, allowing customers to effortlessly download their invoices through an email link and enhancing their shopping experience. With the ability to accurately calculate GST based on fulfillment location, this feature-rich app is ideal for businesses operating from multiple locations. We recommend the WebPlanex app to Indian Shopify merchants who want to simplify their financial processes and ensure regulatory compliance without any hassle.

ZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing Shopify AppZSA Saudi Arabia E‑invoicing
WebPlanex: GST Invoice India Shopify AppWebPlanex: GST Invoice India
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