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Elevate Customer Interactions with a Personalized Dashboard

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Easy Accounts: Premium CRM is your ultimate toolbox for reinforcing customer relationships. Making customers feel valued and connected to your brand is crucial in navigating today's competitive eCommerce landscape and this app serves as a befitting solution. It seamlessly transforms your user login into a comprehensive dashboard, integrated subtly within your store's aesthetic - an allotted space that equips your loyal clientele with all the necessary data and utilities.

This app goes beyond the standard customer profile, instead it serves as a personal 'command center' for each customer, where they can monitor their transaction history, keep track of desired products via the wishlist feature, and easily manage returns and exchanges. Add a personal touch to your customer journey by offering exclusive promotions and store credits, all visible on their personalized dashboard.

From an online store owner's perspective, it helps create a dynamic and rewarding experience for your customers while efficiently managing your backend operations. Organize, engage, and retain your customer base effortlessly with this complete CRM solution integrated into your Shopify store. This game-changer app helps retailers to enrich their e-commerce platform and establishes a close-knit relationship with customers leading to higher customer retention and brand loyalty.


Elevate the way customer accounts look on your store
Lots of integrated tools to improve customer experience
Manage and complete returns or exchanges efficiently
Manually issue Store Credits or offer them in exchange for a return
Integrated customer rewards program for sales and retention


Transform customer accounts into personalized dashboards for each customer to monitor transaction history, wishlist items, and manage returns and exchanges
Increase customer retention and establish brand loyalty by offering exclusive promotions and store credits visible on customers' personalized dashboards
Efficiently manage backend operations to organize, engage, and retain customers effortlessly, leading to a dynamic and rewarding customer experience.

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Klaviyo, Product Reviews, Yotpo,,


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Owlfred Review

Hoot, hoot! Meet Easy Accounts: Premium CRM, a luxurious, fully-featured dashboard for your customers' interactive needs. With an impressive 4.5 star rating from 24 reviews, it's proving it's able to ruffle some feathers in a good way. This platform takes customer service to new heights by giving your customers a personal dashboard filled with tools and data that are as useful as they are engaging. Key perks include a handy Returns and Exchange Center and the ability to manually issue Store Credits – talk about keeping your customers happy! The integrated customer rewards program is an excellent strategy for sales and retention, who doesn't like rewards? Compatible with Klaviyo, Product Reviews, Yotpo,, and, this flexible app integrates smoothly into your existing tech stack. While the cost ranges from $14.99 to $299.99 per month, the benefits are vast, from improved customer experience to more efficient returns and exchanges. Though the app is still spreading its wings with 68 installs to date, I wholeheartedly recommend Easy Accounts to Shopify merchants eager to take their customer relationships to the next level. With Easy Accounts, customer satisfaction is owl-ways guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Customer Experience Dashboard?
A customer experience dashboard is a tool that visually displays all the key metrics related to the customer's interaction and experience with your business. It provides an at-a-glance view of customer satisfaction levels, loyalty and behaviour.
What does a CRM app like Easy Accounts do?
A CRM app like Easy Accounts allows businesses to manage customer interactions,log communication,and personalise customer service. It can provide a comprehensive view of customers by compiling data from various touchpoints.
Why are customer account apps important in returns and exchanges process?
Customer account apps play crucial role in returns and exchanges as they can track purchase history. This helps businesses validate returns,and serve customers efficiently by providing relevant product exchange options.
What kind of information can I find on a real-time business metrics dashboard?
A real-time business metrics dashboard provides a constantly updated view of key business metrics,such as sales revenue,customer conversion rates,website traffic and more. This allows businesses to make immediate decisions based on current data.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Accounts: Premium CRM vs Return Helper: Return Centre - which is better?

When comparing Easy Accounts: Premium CRM and Return Helper: Return Centre, both apps offer valuable capabilities and features to enhance your business operations. Easy Accounts: Premium CRM focuses on creating a personalized dashboard for each customer, allowing them to monitor transaction history, manage returns and exchanges, and keep track of desired products. This app also offers exclusive promotions and store credits visible on the customer's dashboard, increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. From an online store owner's perspective, Easy Accounts: Premium CRM helps create a dynamic and rewarding experience for customers while efficiently managing backend operations.

On the other hand, Return Helper: Return Centre focuses specifically on managing returns for cross-border commerce. This app efficiently synchronizes with global warehouses and shipping partners, simplifying the return process and ensuring better control over return operations. With features such as customized returns portal, smart rules for specific return outcomes, and automated shipping label generation, Return Helper: Return Centre streamlines the return process and improves customer satisfaction. By providing end-to-end return management, this app helps businesses maintain smooth operations and increase customer return on investment.

While both apps offer unique capabilities, the choice between Easy Accounts: Premium CRM and Return Helper: Return Centre ultimately depends on your specific business needs. If you prioritize customer relationship management and enhancing customer experience, Easy Accounts: Premium CRM is recommended. However, if efficient return management and cross-border commerce are your priorities, Return Helper: Return Centre is the app for you. Assess your business requirements and choose the app that aligns with your goals for optimal results.

Easy Accounts: Premium CRM Shopify AppEasy Accounts: Premium CRM
Return Helper: Return Centre Shopify AppReturn Helper: Return Centre
Average Rating 4.6 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 24 11
Estimated Installs 57 0
Min Price $14.99 $0.00
Max Price $299.99 $0.00
Works With Klaviyo, Product Reviews, Yotpo,, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post, Japan Post, DPD, UPS
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