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July 12, 2024

Effortlessly customize and automate your order reports with EXPORT OrderPro!

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EXPORT OrderPro is a valuable tool for all Shopify merchants seeking a simplified and efficient process for generating comprehensive order reports. This app gathers critical data from your daily sales, presenting it in an intelligible format that aligns with your business needs.

Offering expertise in more than 100 diverse data fields, EXPORT OrderPro provides you with the power to customize your order reports extensively. Whether you are seeking insight into product performance or buyer demographics, this app uniquely adjusts to your specific needs.

What makes EXPORT OrderPro exceptional is its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface allowing for effortless organization of data columns. This functionality facilitates a clean and orderly presentation of your data, enhancing comprehension and usability of your reports.

Looking for report flexibility? EXPORT OrderPro has got you covered. Equally helpful for local use and supply chain management, you can export your reports in standard file formats or even automate distribution to your suppliers. No longer fret about manually sending out these vital reports; simply set your schedule, and let the app handle the rest.

Overall, EXPORT OrderPro is more than just an app; it's your personal assistant, bridging the gap between data collection and distribution in an uncomplicated, sleek, and professional manner.


Customize your order reports effortlessly with a drag-and-drop report builder
Access all necessary information, including product images, for comprehensive reports
Automate report scheduling for email, FTP, or IFTTT distribution
Export reports in Excel, CSV, HTML, and XML formats
Monitor order status in real-time to stay updated.


EXPORT OrderPro offers extensive data customization for in-depth insights
Effortlessly organize data columns with a user-friendly interface
Automate report distribution to save time and streamline operations

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Owlfred Review

Whoot, whoot! No need to worry about generating order reports anymore when you have EXPORT OrderPro at your fingertips. This app swiftly takes data from your daily sales and curates custom reports in an insightful and intuitive manner suitable for your business process. Wiggle around 100 different data fields with a simple drag-and-drop interface and showcase your data neatly. What's even more owl-some? It doesn't stop at customization but allows you to schedule these reports for your suppliers, too. Its capability to generate enriched reports entailing all the details you need, including product images, is very impressive. You can automate your orders, send scheduled reports via email, FTP, or even IFTTT, and view order status in real-time. Just like ripping a tasty mouse from the clutches of the woodland floor, you can quickly grab your neatly formatted reports in Excel, CSV, HTML, or XML. Priced at $14/month, with a 7-day free trial, this is a superb ally for businesses zealously focusing on effective sales analytics and efficient order and shipping reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app do?
The EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app automates order reports and analytics for your Shopify store. It enables you to automatically export Shopify orders and completes the process of tracking sales, shipping and transactions.
How can the EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app improve my store operations?
Using the EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app can boost efficiency and accuracy by automating your order reports. By eliminating the need for manual exports, it minimizes errors and saves valuable time that can be spent elsewhere on your business.
Can EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app help with tracking sales and shipping?
Yes aside from automating your order exports, the EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app provides comprehensive reports which include detailed information about your sales and shipping activities. This can be crucial for both day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning.
How does EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app automate order exports and reports?
The EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports app automates the process by periodically gathering and compiling data from your Shopify store orders. It then delivers these reports which can be accessed anytime. This enables you to track performance and identify trends in sales and shipping.

Shopify App Comparison: EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports vs Better Reports - which is better?

When comparing EXPORT OrderPro and Better Reports, we see that both apps offer valuable features for generating comprehensive order reports and business insights. However, there are some key differences that set them apart.

EXPORT OrderPro stands out with its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for effortless organization of data columns. This functionality enhances comprehension and usability of reports, making it easier for you to analyze and understand your data. Additionally, EXPORT OrderPro offers extensive data customization, allowing you to personalize your order reports to fit your specific needs. The app also allows for automated report distribution, saving you time and streamlining your operations. With its comprehensive capabilities and professional presentation, EXPORT OrderPro serves as a valuable personal assistant for all your data collection and distribution needs.

On the other hand, Better Reports offers a powerful combination of data analysis, flexibility, and automation. The app specializes in thorough sales, payments, inventory, and customer analysis, providing you with a wealth of pre-built templates and custom reporting options. It also offers multiple chart visuals and custom metrics, allowing for in-depth and detailed reports. Better Reports integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets and POS systems, making data management and real-time monitoring efficient and convenient. With the ability to export and share reports in various formats, and support for multi-store reporting and multi-currency features, Better Reports empowers your Shopify store on its path to global success. If you're looking for a comprehensive business intelligence tool that goes beyond basic analytics, Better Reports is the right choice for you.

EXPORT OrderPro: Order reports Shopify AppEXPORT OrderPro: Order reports
Better Reports Shopify AppBetter Reports
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 110 1076
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $14.00 $19.89
Max Price $14.00 $299.89
Works With Google Drive, Google Sheets, Email, Stripe, POS, Excel
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