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Automate Australia Post MyPost Business shipping labels with ease.

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With Australia Post EZ Label, you can easily create and print shipping labels for Australia Post MyPost Business in just two clicks!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 16, 2024

Automate Australia Post label creation and fulfillment in two clicks.

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Make the shipping process a breeze with this intuitive app, which reimagines manual label creation for Australia Post MyPost Business. Instead of wasting valuable minutes on tedious shipping label drafting, this tool allows you to effortlessly automate the entire procedure. Two swift clicks, and suddenly you're printing shipping labels, fulfilling orders, and gleaning tracking information as quickly as a kangaroo bounds.

Exceptional functionality is the soul of this app, designed to seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store. Acting as your virtual shipping assistant, it lightens your workload considerably by taking care of the complicated logistics. Simply press a few buttons, and impressively accurate labels will come to life in your printer.

Be in constant control with real-time tracking information, a feature that not only delights shop owners but earns customer trust. The high level of automation this app offers is designed to propel your e-commerce beyond traditional bounds, leaving more time for you to concentrate on scaling your business.

So why stay in the slow lane when you could get things moving more rapidly? This app doesn't just do the job right; it sets new standards in shipping label creation efficiency. Let it transform your e-commerce from mundane to extraordinary.


Automate label creation with two swift clicks, streamlining the shipping process
Seamlessly integrate with Shopify for impressively accurate labels in just a few button presses
Access real-time tracking information to delight shop owners and earn customer trust
Support partial fulfillments, multiple locations, and packing slips
Ship internationally or locally using standard or express shipping, compatible with thermal label and laser printers.


Effortlessly automate label creation with two swift clicks, saving valuable time and streamlining the shipping process
Seamlessly integrate with Shopify to lighten your workload considerably, impressively accurate labels in just a few button presses
Real-time tracking information delights shop owners and earns customer trust, freeing up time to focus on scaling your business

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Owlfred Review

Who said owl post isn't a thing down under? Say hello to the Australia Post EZ Label app by the clever folks at Bitnext โ€“ a true game-changer for automating manual shipping label creation for your Australia Post MyPost Business. With this app, your shipping process gets a mega-boost; in just two clicks you can automatically print shipping labels, fulfil the order and get very important tracking information! You'll be flapping with joy with its features. It supports custom or flat rate packaging, signature on delivery, extra cover and even allows for partial fulfilments and multiple locations. Be a globetrotter and ship internationally or just keep it local using standard or express shipping. It even caters to your printing preferences - be it thermal label printers or standard laser ones. The best bit? It's a free install! Although, some additional charges may apply. With superb reviews and a five-star rating, this app is a hoot for streamlining your shipping. So why wait? Go on, give it a whirl!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Australia Post EZ Label for shipping labels on Shopify?
Australia Post EZ Label is a Shopify app that you can install to streamline your shipping process. After installing the app, you connect it to your Australia Post account and set up your label preferences. It then automatically generates shipping labels for your orders.
What is the benefit of automating shipping labels with apps like Australia Post EZ Label on Shopify?
Automating shipping labels can drive efficiency in your order fulfillment process. By using Australia Post EZ Label, your shipping labels are automatically aligned with the order making it possible to ship packages without having to manually input shipping details. This can save a significant amount of time, reduce mistakes, and improve the overall order fulfillment process.
Can Australia Post EZ Label also create packing slips on Shopify?
Yes Australia Post EZ Label can also create packing slips in addition to shipping labels. This function provides a convenient way to include a detailed packing slips in shipments, enhancing communication with customers regarding what is included within their parcel.
What do I need to print Australia Post labels from Shopify using Australia Post EZ Label?
To print Australia Post labels from Shopify using Australia Post EZ Label, you will need a printer, a working connection to the internet, and a Shopify store with the Australia Post EZ label app installed and setup. After an order is placed, the app will automatically generate a label which can be printed directly.

Shopify App Comparison: Australia Post EZ Label vs DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL - which is better?

The Australia Post EZ Label app and the DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL app both offer efficient label creation capabilities and automation features to streamline the shipping process. However, the Australia Post EZ Label app stands out with its seamless integration with Shopify, allowing for impressively accurate labels in just a few button presses. This integration not only lightens your workload considerably but also offers real-time tracking information, delighting shop owners and earning customer trust. The app even supports partial fulfillments, multiple locations, and packing slips, providing a comprehensive shipping solution. With its user-friendly interface and exceptional functionality, the Australia Post EZ Label app sets new standards in efficiency and automation for shipping label creation.

On the other hand, the DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL app offers a range of features to simplify the shipping operations of Shopify merchants. In addition to efficient label creation, the app allows for the automation of order status changes and the automatic sending of tracking IDs to customers, enhancing the overall customer experience. The app also offers a dedicated desktop app with automatic printing and barcode scanning capabilities, increasing productivity and simplifying shipping operations. With access to all DHL and Post products for national and international shipments, as well as rule-based or automatic shipping-label creation, this app provides convenience and customization options. For businesses seeking to simplify their shipping operations while maintaining a high level of efficiency and accuracy, the DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL app is a fitting solution.

Australia Post EZ Label Shopify AppAustralia Post EZ Label
DHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL Shopify AppDHL & Post Shipping | easyDHL
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