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Achieve personal interaction on a digital stage with the power of this app, designed to revolutionize your online sales process. Experience real-time interactions with customers, turning any selling opportunity into a highly personalized shopping journey. Showing instead of telling, this tool breaks traditional online barriers by providing shoppers with a live demonstration of your products.

Gain a distinct advantage as you reveal your products' tangible aspects in action, removing the need for customers to sift through numerous tutorials and product reviews. Delight your customers with on-the-spot product demonstrations, showcasing the look, feel, and functionality of your offerings in real time.

Expect enhanced customer engagement as immediate and timely responses to inquiries and objections instill trust and confidence in your brand and products. Use the app’s unique real-time capabilities to provide exclusive deals and promotions that incentivize visitors to make a purchase, speeding up transaction times and efficiently closing sales.

All in all, this app is a game-changer with its blend of live interaction and exclusive offerings, positioning your brand for optimum customer satisfaction and superior online sales performance.


Automatically engage and convert audiences into customers hands-free
Have full control over live sales while the app manages the process
Showcase your personality to build trust and demonstrate product functionality
Provide exclusive real-time deals and promotions to efficiently close sales
Deliver personalized shopping experiences with immediate responses to inquiries


Show off your products in action, boosting customer engagement and trust while reducing the need for tutorials or reviews
Efficiently close sales with exclusive real-time deals and promotions, speeding up transaction times and increasing revenue
ncrease customer satisfaction by providing personalized shopping journeys and immediate responses to inquiries, positioning your brand for superior online sales performance

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Owlfred Review

Whoo's looking to provide that in-person shopping experience, online? Well, SellingLive might be just be the enchantment your store needs. This app enables real-time interaction with customers, showcasing personality, product functionality, and instilling that much-needed trust before the purchase - talk about an owl-fred's win! One could argue there's an art to selling and SellingLive is here to transform your Shopify store into a Picasso. The beauty of it all? SellingLive manages the backend while you charm the feathers off your customers. It’s a hoot that the app doesn’t seem to have many installations or reviews yet, but sometimes the mystique can be part of the adventure. Although the average rating currently sits at 1, keep in mind that this represents a single owl's opinion. As a free offering (and who doesn't love a free perch), SellingLive is definitely worth spreading your wings for. Just remember, every app suits different e-commerce nest – so it's vital to make sure this one has all the twigs and feathers your specific store requires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build trust with my customers while live shopping?
Live shopping offers a unique opportunity to build customer trust through real-time interactions and demonstrations. Stay transparent about product details and pricing, maintain a professional and friendly demeanor, respond promptly and accurately to customer inquiries and consistently deliver on promises.
What strategies can I use to build trust during a live shopping event?
To foster trust during a live shopping event, first ensure you provide accurate and detailed product information. Be responsive to customer inquiries, provide excellent customer service and build a reputation of reliability and honesty. Established trust can lead to repeat purchases and greater customer loyalty.
What are the 3 'C's of trust in live shopping?
The 3 'C's of trust in live-shopping involve: Consistency in quality of products and services, Communication that is honest and responsive, and Capability to deliver on the promises and expectations set for the customers.
What are the 4 'C's of creating trust in live shopping?
Creating trust in live shopping involves 4 'C's: Clarity in product description and pricing, Consistency in product quality and delivery, Compassion in handling customer concerns and inquiries, and Credibility wich can be built by maintaining transparency and professionalism in all interactions.

Shopify App Comparison: SellingLive vs LiveSell, Live Video Shopping - which is better?

We have compared two apps that aim to revolutionize the online sales process by facilitating real-time interactions between sellers and customers. SellingLive allows sellers to show off their products in action, providing customers with on-the-spot demonstrations that boost engagement and trust. This app also enables sellers to efficiently close sales with exclusive real-time deals and promotions, speeding up transaction times and increasing revenue. Moreover, SellingLive focuses on providing personalized shopping journeys and immediate responses to inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and positioning brands for superior online sales performance. Overall, SellingLive is a game-changer that combines live interaction and exclusive offerings to optimize customer satisfaction and sales performance.

On the other hand, LiveSell, the Live Video Shopping app, offers a comprehensive platform for live interactions between sellers and customers. With this app, sellers can engage with customers through live stream events on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. The app also allows sellers to create branded and customizable meeting spaces that can be seamlessly embedded into their online stores or hosted on other domains. Additionally, LiveSell facilitates interactions using voice, video, and text in various sales scenarios, providing a unified and interactive selling experience across all devices. By leveraging these features, sellers can increase customer engagement and sales, enhance customer loyalty, and reach a wider audience, ultimately boosting conversion rates and average order value. Therefore, LiveSell is recommended for businesses looking to transform the shopping experience and see their sales skyrocket.

SellingLive Shopify AppSellingLive
LiveSell, Live Video Shopping Shopify AppLiveSell, Live Video Shopping
Average Rating 1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 4
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