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April 9, 2024

Streamline Customer Support with All-in-One Live Chat & Helpdesk

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Live Chat Support Dashboard for all your stores and social media channels like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Line, SMS, Telegram, Emails and more. Streamline communication and resolve customer queries in real time in all in one Shopify stores helpdesk and live chat widget app. Automate repetitive tasks and save time with real time reporting and status updates of conversations. Manage all interactions from one dashboard. Empower your team, engage customers and elevate the shopping experience.

Enhance your communication with customers across platforms with this comprehensive live chat and helpdesk app. Designed for the versatile needs of Shopify sellers, it functions as a unified hub for numerous social media channels including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Line, Telegram, and more. Not to mention, even emails and SMS are integrated to streamline correspondence across platforms.

Adopt a real-time approach to customer service, swiftly resolving queries and enhancing your audience's shopping experience. With its user-friendly design, all interactions can be managed within a single dashboard, making multitasking a breeze, and leaving no room for lost chats or missed messages.

This app also comes equipped with a time-saving automation feature. Take the weight off your shoulders with automated repetitive tasks, and receive up-to-the-minute reporting and conversation status updates. Empower your team to engage customers more effectively and raise the bar for customer satisfaction.

Elevate your business's customer communication strategy with this all-in-one live chat and helpdesk solution designed exclusively for Shopify stores. Grow your brand, maintain happy customers, and optimize your workflow all in one go.


Enable live chat widget and omnichannel box for social apps
Instantly engage customers with live chat support feature
Access an all-in-one customer support dashboard for managing all queries in one platform
Automate repetitive tasks for quick and seamless customer experience
Utilize reporting and analytics to track the status of every conversation.


Increase customer satisfaction by swiftly resolving queries in real-time across multiple platforms
Save valuable time by automating repetitive tasks and accessing up-to-the-minute reporting on conversation status
Manage all customer interactions seamlessly in a user-friendly dashboard, preventing lost chats and missed messages

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Owlfred Review Recap

Whooo's ready for an all-in-one customer support solution? Look no further than Berry Support- Chat & Helpdesk by Focal Software, Inc! This clever piece of code offers live chat, automations, and a single omnichannel box for chatting with customers no matter where they roost, be it your Shopify store, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Line, SMS, Email, and more. With 8 reviews and a stellar average rating of 4.6, this is one app that leaves merchants singing its praises. But what's most magical is the ability to create streamlined communication and automated workflows across customers & teams. Imagine the time you'll save not juggling separate apps! Plus, Berry's real-time reporting capabilities let you keep a bird's eye view of conversations & agents. It's a free app that's truly priceless for those seeking to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. In the forest of Shopify apps, this one is a hoot and a half!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk assist in streamlining customer service?
Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk allows merchants to manage customer service effectively by integrating live chat and helpdesk support directly into their Shopify store. This ensures quicker response times and enhances user experience.
How can I communicate with customers using live chat on Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk?
Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk facilitates real-time communication with customers directly on the Shopify store. Merchants can answer inquiries,resolve issues,and offer guidance promptly using this feature.
What does live chat support mean in the context of Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk?
Live chat support in the context of Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk means providing instant assistance to customers through a real-time messaging interface on your Shopify store.
Can you define customer support in the context of Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk?
In the context of Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk,customer support refers to the service provided to customers before, during,and after a purchase including tools for answering inquiries,offering assistance, solving problems,and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Shopify App Comparison: Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk vs Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page - which is better?

When comparing Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk App to Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page App, it's clear that both apps offer valuable capabilities for enhancing customer communication and support. However, Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk App stands out for its comprehensive integration with multiple social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Line, and Telegram, making it a versatile solution for Shopify sellers. This allows businesses to efficiently manage customer interactions within a single dashboard, preventing lost chats and missed messages. The app also offers time-saving automation features and reporting and analytics for tracking conversation status, empowering teams to engage customers more effectively and improve overall satisfaction.

On the other hand, Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page App excels in providing a cohesive FAQ and Help Center toolkit that offers a seamless customer support experience. The integration with WhatsApp allows for personalized interactions and immediate communication, reducing wait times and providing immediate assistance for urgent issues. The app also includes a smart FAQ popup that can help reduce cart abandonment and boost conversion rates by providing users with instant solutions. Additionally, the app offers order tracking functionality, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. With its 24/7 availability and automated responses, Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page App streamlines customer support processes, saving time and building trust.

In conclusion, both Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk App and Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page App offer valuable capabilities for improving customer communication and support. However, based on the provided features and benefits, we would recommend Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk App for its comprehensive integration with multiple social media platforms and advanced automation features. With its user-friendly dashboard and reporting capabilities, this app can help businesses manage customer interactions more efficiently and enhance overall satisfaction.

Focal Live Chat & Helpdesk Shopify AppFocal Live Chat & Helpdesk
Avada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page Shopify AppAvada WhatsApp Chat, FAQ Page
Average Rating 4.6 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 1360
Estimated Installs 7 3609
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $0.00
Works With WhatsApp, ChatGPT
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