ARCS Support Ticketing System

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A scalable support ticket system for Shopify stores to enhance customer communication and improve customer service.

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ARCS Support Ticketing System is a great tool to enhance customer support and communication management for your store.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Streamline Customer Support with ARCS Support Ticketing System

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Looking to streamline your store's customer service? The ARCS Support Ticketing System filters communication, cutting out noise and managing all your messages in a central hub. It's like having your very own control panel for every customer inquiry, issue, or feedback received.

Simply put, this tool turns chaos into clarity. Customers click and start a support ticketโ€”just like that, you're connected. No confusion, no need for customers to go back and forth between different communication platforms. Everything is captured and documented in one accessible, easy-to-navigate system.

Store owners and managers will appreciate the ability to review and respond to customers from this singular system, elevating the process of customer support from an often stressful task to something more organized and approachable.

By investing in this service, you not only streamline operationsโ€”you set a precedent for exceptional experiences. Put customers first and theyโ€™ll reward you with loyalty. Adopting this ticketing system is a step towards showing that dedication to quality service.


Turn off/on ticketing capability for store customers
Customize content displayed on support page
Track ticket status efficiently for better management
Streamline customer service communication with a central hub, reducing confusion and improving response time
Easily manage and respond to customer inquiries from one system, enhancing customer support efficiency


Streamline customer service communication with a central hub, reducing confusion and improving response time
Easily manage and respond to customer inquiries from one system, enhancing customer support efficiency
Set a precedent for exceptional customer service that drives loyalty and customer satisfaction

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ARCS Group Ltd.
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Owlfred Review

ARCS Support Ticketing System, brought to you by ARCS Group Ltd, is a nifty tool for Shopify store managers and owners focused on creating an efficient and streamlined customer support and communication management system. Using an intuitive interface, customers can easily open up a support ticket for an issue or inquiry, initiating direct communication with the store owner or manager. There's a clear focus on customization as well, offering store owners the ability to tweak their support page content for a more personalized touch. Beyond that, you can track ticket statuses, and even switch the ticketing capability on and off based on your store's specific needs. The app's pricing starts from an affordable $2.99 per month, with a free 14-day trial to boot, peaking at a $15.99 monthly tier for premium users. While its current rating on a single review might be low, remember that every app has the potential to fly high with more user feedback. Due to being a backend app, it's hard to gauge its popularity in terms of installs. If smoothing out those customer interactions and boosting your Shopify store's communication efficiency sounds like a hoot, give ARCS Support Ticketing System a look!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does a support ticketing system offer for help desk operations?
A support ticketing system offers numerous benefits to streamline help desk operations. It can track customer requests, assign tasks to appropriate team members, prioritize issues based on urgency, and monitor overall performance metrics. This leads to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
What is a customer support ticketing system?
A customer support ticketing system is a tool used by businesses to manage and track customer inquiries and issues. It organizes customer support requests into tickets, assigns them to appropriate team members, and tracks their progress until resolution, allowing for a more structured and efficient support process.
Which factors determine the best customer service ticketing system?
The best customer service ticketing system is determined by a combination of factors including ease of use, versatility of features, integration abilities with other systems, scalability to grow with your business, and value for money. Ultimately, the best system depends on a business's individual needs and goals.
How is a ticketing system managed effectively?
Effectively managing a ticketing system involves several practices. Firstly, setting clear procedures for handling different types of tickets. Secondly, utilizing automation to assign, prioritize, and track tickets. Thirdly, integrating the system with other business tools for better data collection and reporting. Effective management ultimately leads to a more productive customer support team and improved customer satisfaction.

Shopify App Comparison: ARCS Support Ticketing System vs Customer Service Helpdesk App - which is better?

Both the ARCS Support Ticketing System and the Customer Service Helpdesk App offer solutions for streamlining customer service communication and improving response time. However, the ARCS Support Ticketing System stands out with its focus on filtering communication and managing all messages in one central hub. This tool eliminates confusion and provides a control panel for every customer inquiry, making it easy for store owners and managers to review and respond to customers.

On the other hand, the Customer Service Helpdesk App differentiates itself with its ability to bring together all sales channels - from marketplaces and webstores to social media - into one smart inbox. This app handles email, live chat, and voice conversations, providing a seamless customer service experience. It also offers AI-powered technology to automate responses and optimize staff productivity.

Ultimately, both apps offer unique features and benefits, but if you're looking for a system that simplifies communication and allows for easy management of customer inquiries, we recommend the ARCS Support Ticketing System. Alternatively, if you're seeking a comprehensive solution that centralizes sales channels and leverages AI technology, the Customer Service Helpdesk App may be the better choice.

ARCS Support Ticketing System Shopify AppARCS Support Ticketing System
Customer Service Helpdesk App Shopify AppCustomer Service Helpdesk App
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Number of Reviews 1 32
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Max Price $15.99 $199.00
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